Is this the Yopa TV advert that you might have missed?

Is this the TV advert for Yopa that you might not have seen?

According to a former Yopa agent, he and others were invited to Yopa headquarters at the start of the year to view the new advert and thought it would go national to follow the Mo Farah campaign.

However, it didn’t – although it is still available on YouTube – with the former territory owner saying that other forms of marketing, including pay per click and a valuation tool, were used instead.

A spokesperson said that it was part of a regionalised media campaign targeting the north-east and Yorkshire, and ran across TV and cinema for four months at the start of the year.

The spokesperson added: “Yopa uses a blend of marketing levers, from partnerships through to pay per click, direct mail, SEO and advertising.

“We are able to test and learn these levers across the country to gauge where we get the best returns from our investment.

“Year to date, we have significantly improved our marketing efficiency and advertising metrics, and these key learnings help to inform our ongoing marketing strategy.”

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  1. The Blame Game

    I suppose it was a way of asking for a “£wip-round” back then….and need even more today!

    Stand by, it might yet make an appearance?


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