Agent told to remove listing after complainant said property was unavailable to view

A complaint against an agent has been resolved informally, the Advertising Standards Authority has said.

The complaint was about a property listed on Rightmove by  Beresford Residential, based in south London.

The complainant challenged whether the ad was misleading as they were told that the property was not available to view despite the listing being “live”.

A spokesperson for the ASA said: We told the advertiser to remove the ad if the property was unavailable, and ensure that future adverts feature only those properties which are available to view.”

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  1. bren_gun

    There’s an agent in my area who lists every single rental renewal (and even does price reductions on them) not one of these properties is available to view. I’ve been reporting this to Rightmove for 4 years but it’s utterly pointless, they don’t take any action.

    1. GeorgeHammond78

      Ditto …this applies to a number of agents in my area too. I suspect there’s at least one in every town

    2. s71

      Rightmove would not do much as it is in their beneficial interest;

      1. no of people visiting Rightmove

      2. number of in-dept viewings

      3. click per user/property

      4. end of the year go to the agent and get more fees as he is a high volume user (which they are actually shooting themselves in the foot, but it outweighs the leads they get)!!

  2. GPL

    I would fine offending agents £1000 for every “Ghost” listing.


    Ranks alongside “Touting” other agents clients – lowlife practice.


    1. bren_gun

      Agreed – this is a particularly lowlife agency. Sadly their continued abuse of teh system makes them “number 1” for stock but laughably only 5th for lets agreed – but this isn’t seen by the general public.

      1. CountryLass

        Print it off and take it with you to valuations…


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