Review of the Week (or not): The LPE did NOT post his own glowing review

Review of the Week – or perhaps not.

There was some excitement on our comments section yesterday about a Purplebricks Local Property Expert who appeared to recommend himself in a review on Trustpilot.

The same review, but this time posted by a customer, appeared on Trustpilot shortly after.

Both reviews then vanished.

So – as one of our readers might have put – what the chuff was going on?

We asked Purplebricks and a spokesperson explained: “The customer wrote a review and mistakenly put his name [that of the LPE] as their username.

“They then realised their mistake and posted the review again.

“We’ve confirmed with Trustpilot and can see that both reviews were by the customer.”


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  1. Hillofwad71

       “The customer wrote a review and mistakenly put his name [that of the LPE] as their username.
      Stinky? How can someone mistakenly put someone else’s username in ?
      You can’t go into someones account on Trustpilot and write a review in their name  What they are saying then  is that the reviewer was able to open up an account in 2 names except that doesnt make sense as Stephen  Hendriks had already  made another review

    Customerpauline sadler

    3 reviews

    Stephen Hendriks

    2 reviews


      You can’t have  2 usernames for the same account or can you? If that is the case no wonder there is so much scepticism     

  2. AgentQ73

    So the customer set up an account in the LPEs name on the 10th October and reviewed another company, then 12 days later left a review for the LPE !!!

    1. PeeBee

      That’s absolutely correct, AgentQ73 – with the following added:

      …and then reposted the identical review on an account that they’d already had set up in their “own” name WAAAAAY back in 2015 –  and not the one that for some reason they had set up nearly two weeks earlier – in the WRONG NAME – to post a VERIFIED review of another company.

      Makes perfect, Purple, sense.

  3. Hillofwad71

    Even the user name “Customer paulinesadler ” stinks .Why would anyone call themselves customer ?

    1. PeeBee

      I often see this format of name on reviews.  I believe that the “Customer…” bit may be a template prompt that you should overwrite – but as I have seen before, what looks like a cut’n’paste job doesn’t seem to do that.
      I have screenshots of quite a few, rarely using uppercase for the name (apart from the “Customer…” bit – or without it if they do a slightly better job) written in poor Eengleesh, and some even with location stated as ‘USA’… ‘India’.
      I’ve even got some with ‘Denmark’ on them.
      #Funny, that…

  4. Hillofwad71

    This was his review in Oct

    Stephen Hendriks

    2 reviews

    10 Oct 2019

    Terrible service from start to finish
    Rude drivers, took over 2 weeks to deliver my item, no contact or customer service whatsoeverCheap – in every meaning of the word!

  5. Hillofwad71

    The site wont let me post another link  but customerpaulines Ist  review was in 2015 .Hendricks opened up on the 10TH So the excuse doesnt make any sense There are  2 seperate accounts There is no possible way that customerpauline  opened up Hendricks account and made a review

    1. Kyle

      You want to get yourself a day job

      1. GPL

        ….in your Troll Department Kyle?

        1. Kyle

          Got me where it hurts

          1. GPL

            Yes Kyle, I’m sure it hurts in that unoccupied Holiday Cabin nestling between your ears. Enjoy rocking in your chair.


            Dib Dib.



  6. GPL


    Time to invite Hercule Poirot to review the evidence.




  7. PeeBee

    Simply search “5 star trustpilot reviews for sale”

    I rest my case, m’lud…

  8. Woodentop

    Unregulated wild west and I don’t believe there is a single person on this planet who doesn’t know or believe that “fraudulent claims” are made on review sites. Shocking that it is not regulated and licenced, considering the purpose to check a review is for the consumer to consider confidence in the person/product/company they want to get into bed with, which means they will be parting with money.


    It should be made a criminal offence under the Theft Act to make a false review by a company or employee.

  9. Malcolm Egerton

    The first question for any estate agent using Trustpilot or Feefo (or any other business for that matter): ‘Why aren’t you using Google?’

    1. PeeBee

      Mr Egerton

      Google reviews are not immune to gaming.  Far from it, I would suggest based upon the evidence.

      Trust me… or Google it.  Same result I assure you.

      1. The Future Is Tech

        Anyone and everyone including competitors can leave a google review. There is no moderation, exactly the same as All Agents which is a complete lie of a review site.

  10. Knowitall

    Dont need be coleen rooney to solve this one.


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