EYE NEWSFLASH: Purplebricks deny sacking head of lettings as Helen Ogden departs

Helen Ogden has left her position as head of lettings at Purplebricks after just eight months.

Her sudden departure comes just a week after EYE revealed that the online estate agency had failed to comply with basic legislation by placing tenants’ deposits in a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme.

A source informs EYE that Ogden was sacked this afternoon. But a Purplebricks spokesperson denies the claim.

The spokesperson told EYE a few minutes ago: “Helen Ogden, head of lettings, has decided to move on from Purplebricks. We will be announcing a new head of our lettings business in due course.”


Landlords could face fines after Purplebricks fails to protect tenancy deposits

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  1. AcornsRNuts

    “Curiouser and Curiouser”, said Alice/Helen.

  2. PeeBee

    Purplebricks really is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Or taking… never quite sure which it is, really.

  3. Not Surprised

    Lettings was always a disaster at PB. In fact let’s face it compliance was always a disaster full stop. They’re lucky they haven’t had a major tenant disaster.

  4. htsnom79

    Lettings is so much more labour intensive and relies arguably on durable skills to maintain relationships vis a vis a flash Val and all that goes with it, cheap, trustpilot team,  market cap ( once lol ) , dinosaurs blah etc, pick your poison, here’s another, Commisery…..

    Well run, one should be Mercury the other a glacier, both effective in their own lane, if you ain’t able to do Mercury you definitely can’t do a glacier

  5. DefinitelyNotMW

    No this is clearly about their landlord advice page being incorrect and more than 12 months out of date.

    I am sure that Empty Seat, TPO and Arla have been onto them about this.


    1. AcornsRNuts

      Not to mention a bad review an hour ago from a tenant unable to get his deposit back, a reply, copy of the check out etc. Definite Commisery.


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