Agents offered sales incentive trip to Dubai despite tighter Covid restrictions

Newman Estate Agents has launched an incentive trip for its estate agents and mortgage advisors to encourage them to hit sales targets this year, despite the heightened Covid-19 restrictions in place.

Company chairman, Sean Newman, is urging agents and brokers to hit their production target.

Normally it would just be the top performers at Newman Estate Agents, which covers the Midlands, going on a trip abroad and that was the original plan for 2021, according to Newman. However, he wants to encourage more agents working with the firm to get out and secure more sales, and so has extended the incentive trip to all the firm’s partner agents and mortgage advisors, with a view to inspiring them to do more business in 2021.

“The fun packed four-day trip, staying at a five-star hotel will include a yacht trip around The Palm, a day at beach club, jet skis and dune buggies,” said Newman.

But while Newman’s incentive would be welcomed by some agents in normal times, others may consider it to be inappropriate at this moment in time, not to mention insensitive, given the widespread concerns about operating in estate agency during the existing pandemic, as reflected by some of the latest comments posted on EYE.

Newman continued: “We love to recognise great performance and reward those that have worked hard and achieved some amazing results. We planned to take the top three performers to Dubai however we are really excited to give every partner agent the opportunity to enjoy this incredible trip.

“I love seeing agents do well and my role is to help agents achieve their production targets by providing all the tools, support and help they need. This includes training, mentoring, administration support, marketing, social media, sales progression and business generation. This means agents can focus on listing and selling more properties and have more time to give their clients outstanding levels of service.”

Some of Newman Estate Agents’ top performers in 2020 have just won trips to New York, including Sam Funnel who personally exchanged on over £400,00 in fees in 2020 and Terry Robinson who exchanged on over £214,000 of fees in the last quarter of 2020. Robinson also won a trip to Venice for top sales in the last quarter.

Despite the existing travel restrictions in place, people are still permitted to go abroad for business purposes, although Newman has not disclosed when the trips will take place.

Newman added: “Our agents love to have something to aim for, they are competitive and this definitely improves performance. The trips are a great reward for them and are brilliant for team building.

“Are any other companies offering incentive trips or competitions? We would love to hear about them.”

Some may consider it to be a somewhat surprising time to be offering agents incentive trips abroad, given the national effort to stop people travelling unless absolutely essential.

The health secretary Matt Hancock yesterday slammed British holidaymakers for still spending time abroad, including “weekends in Dubai”, amid the UK’s Covid-19 international travel ban.

Speaking to BBC Ander Marr show, Hancock said: “International travel, right now, should not be happening unless it’s absolutely necessary.

“No parties in Paris or weekends in Dubai. That is not on and in most cases it’s against the law.”

Ministers are expected today to discuss the possibility of forcing travellers arriving in the UK to spend their 10 days of quarantine in a hotel, in a bid to deter many people from going abroad unnecessarily.


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  1. Hillofwad71

    “Our agents love to have something to aim for, they are competitive and this definitely improves performance.”


    Maybe  for double glazing  salesmen (no disrespect there,mind) .However to highly motivated property  professionals that sounds patronising at best .


    The fun packed four-day trip, staying at a five-star hotel will include a yacht trip around The Palm, a day at beach club, jet skis and dune buggies

    I should imagine it’s some of the agents  idea of hell being holed up together  on some ” Famous Five “trip  and would prefer a cash  alternative instead  they can  spend on their families .Maybe  leaving disharmony behind  who just failed to reach “targets!




  2. AlwaysAnAgent

    I don’t think anyone would criticise an agent for having the right commissions, bonuses and incentives in place.

    But in the middle of a pandemic against Government advice and when some of the staff will have vulnerable parents, children and relatives? It’s an example of desperately bad taste and this won’t go down well with potential clients.

  3. bestandfinal51

    Agents have incentives and targets thrown at them all the time. But lets out this for what it is.

    Egotistical look at me on social media “aren’t I great” rhetoric. A total disregard to the environment around them, if it means I have an opportunity (excuse) to talk about me. Mr Newman promotes the self employed model. and like many agents who are now travelling the self employed route, their tireless social media posts are all about them. Not them as a service, but them and how wonderful THEY are.

    At last, an own goal!

    Cue Mr Newman on Social Media today explaining his reasonings in a response to this article.

  4. JonnyBanana43

    Is this really a story?!

    1. ARC


  5. TB

    I’m really not sure what all the fuss is about.  The article didn’t suggest that the trip will take place during lockdown, it could be at a point in the future when hopefully travel will be normal again.  I don’t know this company but I’m sure my colleagues would love a trip to Venice, Dubai or New York and I assume it’s not compulsory for those who don’t fancy the idea.  I’ve taken colleagues skiing and we had a super time.  All this negativity seems a bit like sour grapes to me, perhaps this company are just trying to do something nice for their team in a worthy attempt to keep them motivated when they are working in challenging times?

    1. jan - byers


  6. James White

    I am sure there are many that would like to leave Britain at the moment………..

  7. iainwhite87

    I can’t believe this is even news worthy . I am sure the incentive was conceived before the recent spike in cases in Dubai. I am also certain that the trip would be pushed back if it wasn’t sensible to travel . What these guys provide as an incentives to drive performance really is up-to them, it’s their money to spend and it’s their people it’s designed to motivate. I don’t know Sean well but he appears to have built a very high performing business , he obviously makes more good decisions than bad ones.

  8. Essjaydee51

    I’d like to know how it helps team building when it’s an individuals competing competition, like said above, not good for the “team members” left behind

    1. iainwhite87

      Isn’t that concern akin to a non complete sports day at school.
      Why shouldn’t you celebrate your high performers achievements ?  

  9. OnlineEA

    It’s the same old with Newman’s trotting out Sam’s and Terry’s numbers which are so far from the norm is laughable.  Both are longstanding branch partners and are not what you would call normal / average associates. Ask anyone who has worked for Sean and you’ll struggle for much positivity when compared to other firms leavers which says so much.

  10. smile please

    Ahhhh Mr Chocolate’s (he would eat himself if he could) latest press release.


    To be honest i do admire Sean on what he has set up, able to sell a dream. Cant say i have much time for his online updates and sales spin. But i guess he does not care what i think either!

  11. Simon Bradbury

    The negative comments on this thread regarding incentives in general is very surprising to me. Different people respond to different incentives in different ways and the offer of an international trip will certainly appeal to many if not most of Sean’s colleagues.

    Sean and his team have established a culture that promotes success and a positive approach to business which I personally very much respect having seen it in action.

    I am certain that any such incentive will of course be offered in accordance with any Covid guidelines.

    It’s very disappointing that such a ” good news ” article can be interpreted in such a negative way.

    Well done Sean – ANOTHER inspiring example of how to run a successful business!

    1. James White

      It’s very much a vipers nest nowadays.

  12. WatchingwithInterest

    Badly thought out and when people are dying in there thousands is poor judgement

    1. jan - byers

      So you are not going to go on holiday after lockdown? 
      People die every day without a virus sometimes in awful accidents or even murder.  Does that stop you goign on holiday? 

  13. Russell121

    Is Property Eye the new Daily Mail. Nowhere does it mention when the trips are to take place. 6/10 for click bait.

  14. Midlandsfox

    Fair play to him, he is clearly using it as part of a recruitment drive and if I was in his shoes I’d probably be doing the same. I like watching his videos, he is clearly a happy and motivated individual and nothing wrong with being a positive person.


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