Agents ‘increase awareness of the law and the rights of tenants’

Letting agents have an important role to play when it comes to ensuring the rights of renters are met and upheld, and this is something the trade body is keen to flag up.

With Generation Rent’s Renters Rights Awareness Week running from 14 to 20 June, Propertymark says agents’ roles must not be underestimated, as without the understanding they bring of legal complexities, renters are left with the uncertainty of their entitlements.

When using an ARLA Propertymark agent, those renting and letting out property are offered a better service and financial protection for their clients, the organistion claims.

Nathan Emerson, Propertymark’s CEO said: “We strive for a sector to be proud of and raising professional standards is what Propertymark stands for. We want to make sure that all agents work to a high standard in order to push out the bad agents and provide customers with a knowledgeable and professional service.

Nathan Emerson

“Statistics show that one in eight private rented homes in England are unsafe which includes poor housing conditions and overcrowding. To combat this, we work with our members to increase awareness of the law and the rights of tenants.”

Propertymark says that it has long called for government regulation to ensure everyone in the industry is licensed, adheres to a strict code of practice and holds at least a Level 3 qualification. This change would offer huge potential for the professionalisation of the sector and to stamp out bad practice that tars the reputation of the industry.

Propertymark is keen to point out that the Regulation of Property Agents (RoPA) working group has proposed a new regulatory framework to cover estate agents in the UK and letting and managing agents in England only.


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  1. Woodentop



    Devolved governments are way ahead on this subject and brought in the licensing he claims will improve standards. Time England caught up and will be a rude awakening for many a private landlord. Some haven’t a clue and won’t like being told, while the rouges will be horrified and do need to be forced out. The system currently allows them to hide.


    As for the good landlords, you have nothing to fear if you are doing it right and it isn’t that difficult.

    1. paulgbar666

      Indeed good LL should have NOTHING to fear from a robust regulatory process.   Of course idiot Govt won’t appreciate how such a process will cause literally MILLIONS of homeless tenants due to the numbers of FRAUDULENT tenancies.   Good LL should welcome such robust regulations.   It will ultimately make rental property extremely scarce and cause rents to increase substantially. Councils WILL then have to house about 6 million homeless tenants. I doubt any LL will choose to let to what will be MILLIONS of homeless DSS tenants or those with   Limited Entitlement To Welfare Assistance   As Social Housing describes DSS tenants or applicants..      


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