Zoopla says its ‘supporting’ employees ‘at risk’ of losing their jobs

Zoopla has informed EYE that 37 members of staff at the company now face the prospect of potentially losing their jobs, rather than the 30 reported on yesterday.

Zoopla announced on Thursday that the firm had entered a consultation process with employees, with the proposals potentially impacting 30 roles across the business.

The property website shared the news with the trade press in what it says was in “the interest of transparency and also out of respect for our affected colleagues”.

Although the company has confirmed that “the proposals could potentially impact roles within a number of teams across different areas of the Zoopla business”, it wishes to make clear that all employees at the firm are not now in consultation.

A Zoopla spokesperson told EYE: “These proposals have not been made lightly and are subject to a thorough review and consultation process with the 37 employees at risk, while around 30 roles could be made redundant.

“We are supporting our colleagues through this difficult process. Any changes that we may make will not impact our ability to provide excellent service to consumers and our customers.”


EYE NEWSFLASH: Staff at Zoopla facing potential redundancies




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  1. htsnom79

    *** sake, welcome to America.

  2. Robert_May

    This time last year I was asked to recommend someone  to fill a senior product analyst role, I highlighted the ideal candidate but advised they were comfortable in a low stress role. I said I’d have a word.


    Sorry Robert not interested; I’m comfortable, I don’t bother them, they don’t bother me…


    “Your job will not exist in 12 months time and here’s why”


    The person listened, quit, took the new role and  today  that tiny seed of doubt, ‘was Robert right. have I done the right thing?’ will  be forgotten


    If Aaaaarrrraaan has got his wits about him  he’ll be all over Linkedin this morning!

  3. Hancock

    Do we know what has led Zoopla to enter the consultation process? Bad financial results etc.?

    1. Robert_May

      The energy price cap has decimated the energy switching industry,   where there were significant incentives to broker a switch between suppliers that has all stopped. Customer loyalty take precedent over switching.  With energy suppliers much reduced the number of switching  options is reduced.

      My intuitions is that  the utility side will be struggling

  4. AcornsRNuts

    I bet they will all be the front end employees, no upper management.


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