What’s all the Boomin fuss about?

Just over a month after Property Industry Eye first asked Boomin to share with all agents a pre-recorded video clip, aired as part of a webinar at the start of November, the soon-to-launch portal has finally agreed.

Boomin has actually gone one step further and shared a new and extended video for you all to watch, ahead of putting it on the updated Boomin website and before sending it to founder agents, which includes the likes of Foxtons, Carter Jonas, Martyn Gerrard, Hunters, among others.

A company spokesperson said: “The new and extended Boomin video has been upgraded from the one previously viewed in the webinar [on 2 November] to show the actual look and feel of what has been built for both agents and customers.

“We have created a more detailed walk through of each new feature and how that will benefit everyone.”




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  1. Hillofwad71

    All the talk of Boomin today as the Bruces start a new journey thoughts turn to their old  adversary they jostled with on  their journey Headphones Quirk’s Emoov.
    The  Ghost of Christmas Past has  finally been  put to rest today by the adminstrators 2 years later.Their report now at Companies House for public consumption .
    It makes  salutary reading unsecured creditors paid just 0.23p in the £ .No early Xmas present for them.
    In Dec  2018 there was a staggering £14.8m of unsecured creditors of with just £30,272 paid out at  the end of November .
      This includes the mugs who handed over £1.5m in advance fees to Headphones to sell their property  .How can they trust an estate  agent again ?
      Over £600k of  unsecured employee  claims who receive just £1,380 .
    Not much of a  Beany for the largest creditor Sarah Beeny either  owed £8.7m .That must have been the bloated value ascribed to Tepilo in the “£100m”  ill fated supermerger orchestrated  by Headphones  a few months before.
    No wonder she has opted for a “New Life in the Country” from £8.7m to a big fat zero in just a few months

    1. MillicentBystander

      Screams volumes about the type of agent/investor KW are happy to bring in to the fold too! Shame, as it looked like an interesting proposition.

  2. JordanBrooks88

    Looks like OTM and Pinterest’s love child

    1. bestandfinal51

      JordanBrooks88. That did make me chuckle. A subtle swipe, indeed.

  3. bestandfinal51

    Data gathering at its ‘best’.

    Data is the currency of the here, the now and the future.

    Agents gather the data, Boomin harvests the data. Bruce Brothers profit from the data. Or am I missing something?

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I do not envy the solicitors responsible for the GDPR and compliance disclosures to protect the agents using this portal.

    1. jennyg

      It will be interesting to see how the big CRMs respond. Doubtful ZPG are going to work with Boomin what with Zoopla. Has MRI integrated? I see Reapit launched their ‘app marketplace’ today, no mention of a Boomin app that I could see either.

      GDPR is going to be a minefield for agencies as you say.

      What’s happening with homesearch?

  4. Charlie Lamdin

    I still don’t understand what problem this solves for the consumer. It also looks as though Boomin is unaware of the growing consumer backlash about having their data harvested.

    1. GeorgeHammond78

      Charlie Lamdin: Thoroughly agree – Google/FB etc now being sued by the competition authorities in the US to include amongst other things, data harvesting. Best & final 51: Know what you’re saying but imagine how much richer the lawyers are going to get in defending their clients.

  5. Bless You

    I lasted 1 minute zzzzzz.

    Switched off at ‘ fun ‘

  6. James White

    Tis the season to be good to all men (and ladies)……..

    Play nicely everybody.

    Many of the founding companies will have subscribed to Boomin in order to learn more about what they are doing and to benefit  intellectually at a no cash cost.

    If these boys are putting so much into it then there are bound to be things to learn from Boomin.  Let’s face it Rightmove has not innovated one jot over the last ten years, indeed they have stifled innovation.

    Interested to see what comes out of it.

    Interested to see the Xmas and New Year response from the existing portals too.  How much jostling will there be for eyeballs in the form of TV adverts for RM Z & OTM?

    Will Zoopla allow Boomin to play in its’ agents back gardens?

    Has OTM the money to shout louder than B???

    Merry Christmas…

    1. Woodentop

      All that may happen (expected) is the existing status quo will adapt to compete with any good bits and kill off Boomin before its started.

  7. That70sGuy

    They really should have called Boomin “Failed Purplebricks Development Team 2.0”. Not as catchy but more accurate

    1. GeorgeHammond78

      That70’sGuy; or…. Failed Like Over (at) PurpleBricks

  8. JamesDB

    Boomin’…. sorry but that video was more, Yawnin’


    still… look at the reader numbers and comments shooting up! PIE will be happy



  9. Woodentop

    What a load of hot air, produced by professional marketing companies. PR at its best to seduce and frankly mislead? There is a mailing circular going around claiming thousands of agents have already joined but no-one knows who the thousands are, just a few are ever named. None of the big players?


    It will increase transactions numbers????? That is down to agents property stock. Concerns over GDPR and commissions disclosure rules and small print have still to be answered by Boomin. The more one reads between the lines this is not for agents it is for Boomin to make money off the back of agents.


    What we have here is a time consuming, questionable web portal. Where is the evidence that the public want or have the time for this portal? That is a key decider for any business considering these types of ventures with the risk of backlash from customers when all that is supposed to be rosy, fails. All I hear is the agent needs Boomin, do we?


    There is no room in the property market for more than three portals. It is a numbers game! Take a step back to a few years ago (you can go back further a few decades) to all those would be property portals that have been and gone, not one or two but scores. All these new to be portals are only chasing what many others have tried to do and failed and it doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend or waste or new ideas. You may have a new idea but is the consumer sufficiently interested!


    As in any industry, a market will only ever support a maximum outlet. Too many players ends up with only the fittest surviving and that is down to one thing … the consumers needs. All we hear is “IT” this and that is the best for estate agents. They forget that it is not the estate agents that dictate success, it is the end user.


    The ability to dive the public to these portals is reliant on estate agents stock and agents promotion of how to find that stock.


    Agents have no need for multiple outlets, two or three web portals are sustainable, any more is duplicity and throwing money down the drain and the effort is a non-viable wastage of resources.


    The public only want one web portal, they realise that isn’t going to happen so will chase one or two more portals. But expecting them to chase another and another portal when all the properties are already on the first two or three that offers exactly all they need, is a waste of their time and they will vote by showing no interest.


    The people who dictate the success of any web portal is the suppliers of the stock, i.e. estate agents and consumer who buys from it (not window shopping). Unless you can get all the estate agents to move in sufficient numbers from one of the current top three RM, Z and OTM….. all a waste of time. The public have no need for more duplicity.


    Agents are an intricate part of a local community. Sites like these do not support local communities and contribute to the decline of our High Streets?


  10. RichardHill61

    So it’s a dating website!

    1. KW

      Yes exactly, two’s company three’s a crowd, think about it

  11. htsnom79

    I am still desperately trying to locate my cajones in order to leave the abusive relationship that I am in with Rightmove.

    This is far easier, I need not enter into it in the first place.

  12. RichardHill61

    Any self respecting agent that signs up to this because the don’t want to speak to their own clients/buyers and want a commission cut when someone buys a kitchen sink should be shot! Especially if they are a high street independent…


  13. smile please

    After sitting through an hour long webinar which really did not say much just a back patting exercise on how amazing their team is, and now watching this promo which lays to why the public will like it …

    Still at a lose of why we as agents need it?

    They want to charge us about £500 per month and give us a split on cross sales (which will be a pittance and they will change if we actually make any money from it).

    All agents are doing is increasing the monthly spend.




    Now Boomin, how many portals do we need?

    1. Woodentop

      Notably the Boomin presentation is on a desk top. Now convert it into the real world of end users with most now using smart phones and small screens (some not so small), and how does it look? Probably no different than any other web portal and a big fuss to navigate for the extras to even show?

      1. Dick Value

        The challenge to put all of that into a workable smartphone App will be neigh on impossible. Let’s see if they prove me wrong.

    2. James White


      Just so long as it is a good one that does not cost too much…….

      Bring back Fish4

    3. Fullyfledged

      Completely agree, the market is the market, it does not grow because there are more portals so all you do by joining another and giving them stock is dilute what you are already paying for. So anyone joining  sets themselves up for extra costs in future that would never have been needed if you hadn’t supported the growth of a company that isn’t yours – madness!!!


    4. smile please

      Anyone else receive email today from Bruce advising the launch has been delayed?

      Guess they have not had the take up of agents they expected.

  14. Epicurus


  15. paulnewboy26

    Boring……and I would rather close my business than feed the Bruce’s pockets with a single penny. How could any agent with any memory at all, be involved with these clowns who without shame, went out to attack your business and livelihood for years through false claims, misleading marketing and lies……yet I bet some fools fall for it.

  16. majortom1

    The Most Powerful Property site ever-is that ……in the UK/world/universe. Typical B ****

    1. KW

      Well it was lost on me, have seen way better in recent months

    2. Dick Value

      Perfect example of a marketing agency polishing a ****.

  17. MillicentBystander

    It’s a NO from me.

  18. juniorneg

    A couple of years ago I wrote an article on Purplebricks changing direction and becoming a portal.  The editor of the publication shot down the article at the time.  Interesting to see where we are today.  Given the Bruce’s history this could be a tough sale to many, very noticeable are the national brands missing from the agents who have signed up to date.

    The public are certainly not demanding more portals and I don’t believe agents are either.  Rightmove only have to come out with a sensible deal and repeat onthemarkets one other portal rule and the portal argument will be finished.


  19. KW

    There are so many things about this that niggle away at me. I am thinking, what is the point of an agent in this setup? At the moment our use is in supplying the stock. Agents could be replaced with the PB style setup of local experts so they eventually get the agent fees too.

    I don’t see the point of sneak peeks and not sure who they interviewed to arrive at the conclusion that the public want this. Plus, sneak peeks would alert other agents that the address is at valuation stage so what’s to stop a competitor going after the vendor with a better offer/lower fee?

    Then don’t get me started on the playground or the auto populating agents diaries. I want to be in control of my own diary thanks and don’t want some 3rd party filling it up with loads of viewings that may have me on a wild goose chase.

    I think they are trying to be too clever here and ‘sledgehammer to crack nut’ comes to mind. Also the revenue from plant pots etc. feels a bit like google ads.

  20. Dick Value

    If allowed to gain traction (and there’s no certainty of this), probably the biggest threat to agency since the launch of Rightmove.

    Agency is a PERSONAL and PEOPLE industry. This would-be digital monster will only serve to further erode the number of opportunities for humans to connect in REAL LIFE. You know by SPEAKING to each other or MEETING UP in person.

    What ever time, effort and/or cash you’re prepared to throw at this, do yourself a favour and put it in to your own website. Away from any vultures looking to exploit traffic that you and your stock would generate.

  21. Taliesin84

    Can’t imagine any founding agent have signed up for this for any reason other than it’s a free hit. If it somehow goes well they’re in at the outset and will gain in every way. If, as I suspect, it’s a data harvesting portal that will put off buyers and sellers alike then they can just walk away with a smirk and shrug of the shoulders. Win : win!

  22. HIT MAN

    Most CRMs companies charge portals for access for uploads and some won’t allow if they feel there is a rabbit loose. Charges differ for each and is usually passed on to the agents! I wonder if this has been factored into the future fees?


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