Two months late but software firm finally gets out new beta feature for testing among agents

Software firm Homesearch – which provides detailed marketing reports to help agents try for instructions – has finally added a new feature.

Director Sam Hunter said: “It’s taken us a lot longer than we’d planned, but it’s what everyone’s been asking us for.”

The new ‘live market’ feature allow users to see a live and complete view of all the properties currently for sale or for rent in any area of their choice.

Hunter said: “One of the most common questions an agent is asked by the people in their market is ‘How many properties like mine are on the market today?’

“Until now, for most agents, it’s been a time consuming and inefficient process to click around the internet to find an answer.

“We wanted this beta version of ‘live market’ out two months ago, but as with any major development, delays are part of the process.

“The information enriches the existing data and reporting in Homesearch and further helps agents, whether they’re a manager or a negotiator, highlight their expertise every day.”

Homesearch is currently free, although it will start charging from £44 per month next year, and is in beta testing by a 1,000-strong user group.

One agent, Simon Gates of Michael Graham Estate Agents, has been testing the new feature for a week.

He said: “I was already a fan of Homesearch but this just saves me so much more time.

“I was able to show a vendor that there’d been 28 properties like hers come to market in the last 30 days but only two had gone under offer.

“It helped me reinforce how important getting the price right was.”

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  1. Bless You

    It’s a pity rightmove only searches in 1/4 mile radius. Absolutely useless distance.

    At least zoopla auto searches from the postcode out.

    1/8 the mile searches please rightmove.

  2. Woodentop

    Wait till the consumer can do this … end of the web portals like RM, Z and OTM.

    1. Property Pundit

      BRING. IT. ON.!!

  3. PeeBee

    “Hunter said: “One of the most common questions an agent is asked by the people in their market is ‘How many properties like mine are on the market today?’”

    Funny – I have never… ever… been asked that question.


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