The Property Franchise Group continues to expand across Berkshire

Parkers, part of The Property Franchise Group (TPFG), is continuing to expand across Berkshire with the opening of a new branch in Caversham.

Owner Craig Pearson, who already operates Parkers offices in Reading, Earley and Woodley, has opened the door to his fourth office.

The launch is also a milestone for franchisor TPFG, which has opened five new offices across its five high street brands since the start of 2021.

Parkers Caversham will be run day-to-day by branch manager Rob Penford and sales negotiator James Hill, who have more than 30 years of experience between them.

Pearson, whose new office is based on Church Street, in the heart of Caversham, said: “We noticed a hole in the market in Caversham, alongside a hunger from local people for an agency that will deliver a premium service in a beautiful location.

“Drawing on the knowledge acquired through years of experience in the industry, our team is ready to make our presence felt and become the best sales and lettings agency in Caversham.”

Xperience franchising managing director at TPFG, Kate Randall, added: “Craig is one of our most successful franchisees and his focus on growth is infectious and inspiring.

“He’s built an incredibly strong team across his three offices and I have no doubt that this new branch in Caversham will be an enormous success.

“Craig also has an incredible desire and appetite to develop his business further, so I’m hugely excited to see what the next few years holds for him and for Parkers.”


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  1. Hillofwad71


    As one door opens  in Berkshire alas another one shuts within the  Group


    One step forward ,two back

    Maybe Kate could turn her attentions to Ewemove

    Recent losses in Berkshire at Ewemove include  Newbury & Bracknell .Wokingham has just the 1 instruction which hit the market in January .Last accounts showing a 6 figure loss so they need every assistance  they can get from  HQ


    Ewemove have  been recruiting well  ,

    Interesting exchange  with Ewemove’chatline regarding recent addition Ewemove Quedgley who kicked off at the end of last year

    Estate agency but not as we know it

    Jenny  16:47

    Hi, welcome back to EweMove. If you’re thinking of selling or letting out a property I can offer a free valuation. Shall we chat?

    Visitor 16:49

     Ewemove Quedgeley. Haven’t they got any properties for sale ? Can’t see any on your site?

    Jenny 16:49

     Thanks for coming on to chat. Let me see what I can do for you.

    You can search all of our properties here; or I’d happy to pass your details to your local branch and they will contact you if they have anything suitable.

    Visitor 16:50 

    I have and can’t see any So is that the case have they no instructions?

    Jenny 16:51 

    I’d be happy to take your details and add you to our mailing list. I’d be happy to pass your details to your local branch so they can contact you if they have anything suitable.

    Visitor 16:51

    Yes but can you just answer my question .

    Jenny 16:52

    My apologies. But I can’t confirm that here on chat, but we may also have other properties that are coming to market that are not yet advertised. Could I ask what type of property you’re looking for?

    Are we still connected?

    Visitor 16:54 

    I am not looking for any but contemplating a sale Has this branch had any on ?

    Jenny 16:55

     I’m afraid I don’t have the information here on chat as of the moment, as I have limited access to the main system. But you can check our website as we advertise all of our properties on the major portals including Rightmove, Zoopla & Prime Location as well as the EweMove website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    You can check this link:

    Visitor 16:56

     Well if front of house doesn’t know. That really fails to impress

    Sent from Outlook



    1. OneEyedJack

      Wow ! I wish I had your spare time …

    2. FAQs

      Your obsession with Ewemove is a little odd How71 ..

      1. Hillofwad71

        Well tend to concentrate on all the listed groups . 
          However  shocked on researching TPFG  the heavily buried damage amongst  the individual franchisees  at Ewemove & the predictament they find themselves in .
          Maybe  I have taken it on to make sure they have a voice  .
        All very well the industry having photoshoots handing over a can of beans to a foodbank but these lost sheep are the collateral damage  from  marketing campaigns   which clearly don’t spell out the risks to those without experience  
        It really doesn’t sit well with the fluffy sheep image which is being portrayed.
             If you think that chatline conversation which could be a potential   customer looking to instruct   represents the future of estate agency good luck to you.  
        Shoot the messenger by all means

        1. RealAgent

          Well the post made me smile and I applaud the efforts made to show some truth behind the spin.



  2. AlwaysAnAgent

    HOW makes a good point. Most of the these press releases are simply one franchise buying or closing another one.

    It isn’t news at all and it should be in the Movers and Shakers section.

    1. Hillofwad71

      The difference is Parkers are a well established time served  group  in  the Reading  area and a good acquisition  with organic expansion . 
      However the Wokingham Ewemove franchise  was started  up by individuals without direct estate agency experince as a late career change .
      The last throw of the dice before retirement .
      Both now reached retirement  age and their last set of accounts released last  December  show a staggering deficit of£259,000  and creditors of £299,000 due in 1 year  
       With just 1 instruction how are they going to dig themselves out of that hole?
        Absolute disgrace that the Head Shepherd has allowed that situation to materialise without intervening 


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