Tenants’ union urges Government to suspend rents

Tenants’ union Acorn is demanding rent suspensions and calling for repossession proceedings to start from scratch as it warns of an “eviction boom” once the coronavirus crisis is over.

The group, which regularly protests outside agency offices, has launched a petition calling for further measures to protect renters.

The Government is being urged to fulfil its commitment to scrap Section 21 notices and do so immediately to avoid an eviction boom at the end of the emergency period.

It also suggests the buy-to-let mortgage holiday for landlords should go hand-in-hand with a rent suspension.

The Acorn petition said: “Nothing has been done to protect renters from getting into rent arrears.

“The Government has said that landlords and tenants should agree repayment plans but have not legislated for this and have given renters no security on this.

“Renters remain at the whim of landlords.”

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  1. Gromit

    “The Acorn petition said: “Nothing has been done to protect renters from getting into rent arrears.”

    So what are tenants doing with the 80% salary from the Government? No socialising, no commuting costs, no pub, no meals out, no lattes, no avocado on toast?

    And when, as a result of Acorns actions,  Landlords go bust what happens to tenants then? How many homes will Acorn provide? None, thought so.

  2. Will2

    Strange acorn always suggest landlords are bad people and that none of its members might possibly take benefits and rental benefit payments spend them on other things instead of pay their rent when they can afford it. May be tenants that default on their rent having received benefits to cover such payments should be mandatorily charged with fraud? Many landlords will be equally be ruined by this event.  Mind you acorn do not have a reputation for reasonableness with the tactics it uses.

  3. PMT

    If renters are furloughed, they will be paid 80% of their wages.  If they are self-employed, they will get 80% of their previous earnings.  If they lose their jobs, they can get UC etc.  Why then, should they not pay rent?


    THE ONLY RENTERS WHO ARE NOT BEING SUPPORTED BY THE GOVERNMENT, ARE TAX FIDDLERS.  Acorn is therefore effectively saying that such people – who don’t contribute to society, should be given a break – at the expense of landlords.


    Further, why does Acorn think renters should get their 80%, if they won’t pay rent?  Even further, Acorn’s proposal doesn’t take into account the renters who are still working, and being paid in full.  According to Acorn, they shouldn’t pay rent either.  What idiocy!


    Acorn seems simply intent on the renters getting a slice of the landlord’s pie “the landlord will still own the asset …”. What about the additional interest on the 3 month mortgage break?  What about the utilities payable for those that pay 1 amount for the accommodation, utilities and council tax?


    Landlords are the ONLY tax payers that the government is not looking to protect.  Most landlords rely on their rents to keep a roof over their own heads, and also feed their families.  What happens to those bills?


    Simplistic communist ideology will only damage the PRS.  When funding to the NHS was being slashed due to ideology, the slashers ignored the warnings.  Now, people are paying the price with their lives.  Why?  Because the slashers couldn’t see beyond the ‘now’. Acorn et. al. are suffering from the same mentality, and can’t see that they are serving as a catalyst for a storm that will damage all involved, but mainly renters. Smh.

  4. LandlordsandLetting

    I have nothing to add to these excellent comments so far about that bunch of losers, Acorn. However, we all know what the old saying tells us about what eventually happens to acorns…Let’s hope it’s not true!

    1. JoanneCoften38

      “However, we all know what the old saying tells us about what eventually happens to acorns…” ……. they get eaten by Squirrels ?


    2. Cosmo

      Acorn are not losers, those who follow them and, willingly or not, succumb to their tactics are.

      On the contrary –  the more traction Acorn get, the stronger they become and the more damage to PRS there will be, ultimately resulting in the suffering of the very people Acorn claims to protect.

      You cannot say that cancer is a loser just because it dies together with the patient.

  5. DASH94

    In my experience so far, there are a small percentage of tenants that have understood mortgage holiday to mean ‘free money’ and 80% furlough money, is some sort of compensation package for all the inconvenience and shouldn’t have to be used for the necessities.


    Fortunately the vast proportion of tenants have worked with us to make their rent payments or make payment plans based on the assistance they are going to receive.  The landlords have been excellent, and for April, we are pretty  much in a situation where tenants and landlords are happy with the compromises.  No threats of notice have been issued at all.


    I think May rent month will be harder.  If the funding doesn’t come through in time – it’s going to be very difficult for tenants and landlords and empoyers alike.  They have to find the wages and get the furlough money back from HMRC

  6. Highstreetblues

    Like all the comments have said on here above, there’s been plenty of Government assistance. Along with planning your own cash flow, and trying not to over spend whilst sat at home, the rent arrears should be minimal. Most of mine have paid, with just a few companies being problematic.


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