Self-employed estate agency platform backed by major Purplebricks shareholder eyes growth

Nested, the self-employed estate agency platform, backed by German media giant and major Purplebricks shareholder Axel Springer, has announced plans to take on the main players in this area of the market, including Keller Williams and eXp which hail from the USA, with a new commission approach that the firms says “blows its Stateside rivals out of the water”.

A choice of two commission options is now offered to existing and new agents, including one that pays the agent 75% of the selling fee on completion and 100% once they exceed the cap. In comparison, KW pays 63% and eXp 70% until an agent ‘caps’.

Nested operate a ‘cap’ system whereby after a certain threshold of monies banked is achieved if the agent receives 100% of the sales commission, subject to a £250 transaction per transaction fee thereafter.

For those that want more financial and admin support, Nested says it also provides a marketing budget, financial support and sales progression on a 50/50 commission split basis. Nested says that this alternative provides agents with the financial support self-employed agents need to help get a business off the ground.

Monthly fees to operate both sales and lettings have also been halved to £125 plus vat, as the company eyes significant growth in the coming months.

Alice Bullard, MD of Nested, said: “We will be the number one self-employed agent platform on every metric – the best platform for the best agents. We know we are the most supportive business in the space and this sets our agents up for success. However, we know that as well as culture, support and brand, agents also care about the financial rewards.

“At a time where the cost-of-living has become ever tougher, our commission splits are now the best in the industry and recognise it’s the agent that is doing the hard work and that they should benefit accordingly.

“Whilst we already have the best tech and the most supportive agent services, we also want to offer the most generous commissions to cement ourselves as offering the most attractive package.

“Our space is increasingly competitive and whilst our competitors evangelise about reading real-estate ‘Bibles’, elusive revenue share schemes, building legacies and so on, Nested are all about relevant and powerful agent support within a UK market that we know well plus a fabulous culture and most importantly – putting money back into agents’ pockets rather than just talking about doing so.”


Nested raise £5m strategic investment ahead of national expansion



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  1. Grumpyagent

    This Axel has a lot of money to burn hopefully he’s learnt a bit from how not to do it at PB

  2. John Murray

    I am commenting on this as a Year 3 eXp agent, and one with the profile I assume Nested seeks to attract. From reading this article: Nested has copied eXp, but added 5% commission. I pay £125 plus VAT as a monthly fee. With over 350 agents in eXp, and over 20 joining in Jan 23 alone, 100s receive revenue share. I have just 2 Tier 1 agents and I received £1,100 plus VAT in Rev Share last month. I am up to £906 already unpaid coming, with £560 due next month. I can access sales progression if I wish, at £125 plus VAT per transaction. I have share options in the company (currently sitting at $5,400 in value), buying at 10% discount and allocating 5% of my sales fee towards share purchase as and when I choose. I capped at £80,000 GCI last year, then also received 100% of my fee less the same £250 plus VAT per transaction Nested is now offering. If I wanted to push myself, I can become an ICON agent, receiving $16,000 in free shares. So it appears Nested is becoming a B- version of eXp.

    1. exPBgirl

      agree John, as a eXp ICON myself, I received 100% of my commission last year for 4 months with only paying £100 admin fee per completion and 5 months of this year!! Plus my gifted shares.  But, the main thing they can’t easily copy is our friendly, none pushy, helpful culture of like minded experienced agents being there to support other like minded fabulous estate agents.

  3. Chris Arnold

    “we will be number one self-employed agent platform on every level.”

    The same deluded thinking we hear from others. It’s not about the agents that arrive, but about those that stay. With so many options, there has to be something special. This isn’t the compelling message that will increase their numbers much beyond the teens.

    As with Purplebricks, the blind leading the blind.


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