Russell Quirk’s tips for handling trolls on social media

How can property industry commentators who are often criticised for sharing their thoughts online deal with social media trolls? First and the most important thing is to ignore them, according to Russell Quirk, co-founder of ProperPR.

The former Emoov boss and now PR guru has caused plenty of controversy with some of his views and comments over the years, including opinions shared on EYE.

In his latest interview with property journalist Christopher Watkin, he explains that trolls are driven by the search for attention. Quirk points out that if you do not show any interest and ignore them, they might back away, although it is not always the case.


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  1. Diogenes

    …..he explains that trolls are driven by the search for attention. Priceless

  2. Rob Hailstone

    Don’t agree with lots said by Russell (especially the headline grabbing bits), especially re the conveyancing process and conveyancers, but have always (and will always) put my name to my comments.

    1. janbyerss

      This is the only “social media ” I use.

      I do not have mebook twatter etc

      Of anyone is upset by troll all they have to do is grow a thicker skin – or look at the news in Ukraine and realise that someone calling you a name is really not a big deal


  3. AndSotheStoryBegan

    It’s OK ignoring them, but one might learn something.

    PeeBee, late of this parish, is one of the most informed of commentators. We had our disagreements in the past but the fact that he chose not to use his name on this platform had no bearing on whether I engaged the debate.

    “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Aristotle

    1. Danny Marino

      Late of this parish…..because like all trolls PeeBee hid behind a silly false name probably tapping away in his darkened bedroom until he got bored and moved on to trolling mumsnet.
      If you can’t say it as who you are then don’t say it.

      1. janbyerss

        Agree peebee was a jerk
        He was so busy at work he spent his life here 

      2. Robert_May

        He didn’t hide behind a moniker he told everyone who he was several years ago. Calling out liars, cheats and spivs isn’t trolling it is countering the lies and false claims being made.


        He left because his posts (written within the posting guidelines of the site) were being censored and deleted.  That’s not healthy





  4. BillyTheFish

    Don’t go on social media is the simple solution. It is all a waste of time, adds to feelings of inadequacy, can lead to depression and creates a split personality of how you want to be seen and who you really are. It has made everyone a narcissist.

  5. Woodentop

    Here is the rub ………. The former Emoov boss and now PR guru has caused plenty of controversy with some of his views and comments over the years, 


    As for ‘Guru’, took the advice and ignored it.

  6. Gangsta Agent

    PR guru, WTF this guys talks like a politician……………….oh wait!

  7. Danny Marino

    You might be considered a guru if enough others see as one. Simply seeing yourself as one doesn’t warrant the title.

  8. conoco9

    Im only here for the comments …….

  9. Gangsta Agent

    lets face it, he is a bit of a twit

    1. MrGilbert

      You misspelt twit, it’s got an ‘a’ in it!


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