Purplebricks launches major advertising campaign

Mo Gilligan

Purplebricks has launched its biggest advertising campaign in five years, with comedian Mo Gilligan becoming the new face of the brand.

The online estate agency’s multi-million pound campaign includes TV adverts showing ‘for sale’ signs turning to ‘sold’.

The marketing push comes as the company look to capitalise on the buoyant housing market, with no shortage of people currently to buy property.

Ben Carter, chief marketing officer at Purplebricks, commented: “We put more sold boards on the streets of Britain than any other estate agent brand  – and that surprises a lot of people.

“Backed by our biggest investment for several years and fronted by Mo, this campaign is intended to get the nation to see Purplebricks in a different way – and ensure we are front of mind when they are looking to sell their homes.”


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  1. #ImpressiveConveyancing

    Ask 10 conveyancers which are their worst estate agent chains.

  2. Bless You

    [Comment removed as it breached posting rules]

    1. PeeBee

      Must have been good to get #NUKED… so it gets a posthumous ‘Like’ from me!

  3. Robert_May

    This again!!

    They are up against 7 years of brand exposure to overcome. The passive intermediary, list it and leave it  model has demonstrated the savings offered over a traditional no sale no fee doesn’t match expectation. The completion rates are just average. There are a lot of public who have spent their £1000 to save agency fees who then found the £1000 was an additional cost  on top of getting  an estate agent in to do the job properly.

    The ‘we’ve sold more’ small print from twenty CI is a nonsense, an embarrassing one. I can publish maps of specific local areas showing 100- 150-200 completions for an individual agent where  a non geographic lister has 2, 3. 4 completions in the same area in the same timescale.

    The public isn’t stupid and attempting to dupe them never goes down well.


  4. PeeBee

    You have to wonder who was advising Mr Gilligan to accept the work.  He was obviously commissioned to appeal to a certain audience – but it could very well end in commisery for him.

    No doubt the vendors of the 523 listings currently showing on Zoopla as having been marketed unsold for more than 12 months (plus countless 0000s of others whose homes have been #RElisted on one or more occasions) who are unable to claim under the Money Back Guarantee might have a few chosen words they would like Mr Gilligan to hear.

    No doubt the ad will keep ASA busy.

    1. jan - byers

      Gilligan will not give a poo he will be paid a fee

      1. PeeBee

        Just like the business model he has been commissioned to represent…

  5. Sunbeam175

    I can see why they’re using a comedian to push their brand, after all the whole brand is a joke particularly the aftersales!

  6. Bigbee73

    As an ex LPE, I can assure you all that their days are numbered! I can see a lot more people leaving in the next few days as the double bubble payments have been made and the good guys can see they’re being micro managed to within an inch of their lives for less than minimum wage. For those Pb haters out there, stress not, the end is nigh!


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