OneDome sees record number of visitors since the beginning of 2021

OneDome says that it had seen a surge in consumer activity since the start of 2021.

Babek Ismayil

The two property listing websites managed by the group, OneDome and nethouseprices, have seen visits grow to a record-high of 2.7m per month.

The group also predict that the forward looking numbers could potentially be even better as they are currently recording about 100,000 daily users searching for properties.

Babek Ismayil, founder and CEO of OneDome, said: “It’s been a great start of the year as our numbers of traffic and users are higher than expectation. We see record volume of traffic of buyers and tenants searching on our websites. We are yet to see if this surge in customers searching for properties and requesting viewings will result in more transactions later this year, but the interest from property hunters is strong.

“Despite all the negative impacts of the pandemic, households have been saving far more than average and we predict that some of these savings will be channeled to the property market.

Earlier this month, OneDome announced that they signed up Barratt Developments, the largest housebuilder in the UK who lists all their properties on OneDome.


Challenger property portal signs up Barratt Developments


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  1. smile please

    Course you will get increased traffic if you pump all the properties to Facebook market place.

    Another company that are listing my properties without consent.

    Property heads, residential people (who tried sending me an invoice when I never even gave them permission to use MY stock). The list goes on. Its like the wild west. These portals are stealing stock.

    It should not be opt out, it shoukd be opt in.

    1. Babek Ismayil (OneDome)

      Hi smile_please, Hope this message finds you well. We don’t scrape agents’ websites unless they ask us to do so and we never charged any agent for listing. Could you please send me a message via LinkedIn or Facebook with the details of your agency, so I could investigate and report back to you? Please kindly let me know. Regards, Babek (founder of OneDome).

  2. Commentator91

    …but if properties are getting a wider exposure, is that not a good thing for the vendor and the home searcher?

    Yes, a bit of common courtesy and good manners would go a long way if these portals asked for permission, (so that we were aware of where our stock is being listed), but at the end of the day more exposure is better, no?

    1. smile please

      More exposure does not mean better. The public have never heard of OneDome. OneDome just want our stock to generate revenue.

      The industry needs less portals not more.

      They should be paying us.

  3. smile please

    Thats B.S. your team have tried contacting me in the past i said explicitly dont use my properties and you still have.
    I know other owners who have had their properties advertised on your site without permission.
    Its almost like you think you are doing us a favour. 
    You are very ‘Polished’ in these forums, shame you do not show this suppossed integrity when not put under the microscope. 

    1. smile please

      For clarity it was ‘Residental Property / people’ that tried charging me not OneDome (they just take my properties!)

      1. Babek Ismayil

        smile please, I cannot imagine how your properties could be on our website without you giving an authorisation for us to have your feed from your CRM.  I would like to get this right for you and investigate it and report back.  If any of my colleagues genuinely did something wrong, I will apologise and fix it for you. Could you please kindly contact me, so we sort it out ASAP? or just send the name of your agency here. Kind regards, Babek  


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