Operations director Paul Sloan leaves Spicerhaart

Paul Sloan

The long-serving Spicerhaart operations director for lettings, Paul Sloan, has left the company.

His departure from the estate agency group has been confirmed following speculation that he was no longer with the firm.

EYE has been contacted by several agents at Haart to say that he had not been seen for over a month. It is not clear why he has suddenly left the company.

Sloan joined the firm in 2011, and rose through the ranks to become operations director.

He was previously managing director of Sussex-based King & Chasemore estate agents.

Spicerhaart managing director Antony Lark confirmed: “Our operations director for Lettings, Paul Sloan, has decided to move on and we wish him all the best for the future.

“Meanwhile, after a tremendously positive start to 2021, we are focusing on our plans for the year ahead.”



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  1. Regulator

    This does not add up. Sloan is a Spicerhaart stalwart, long serving and now in his 50s. Why would he leave a role he was seemingly untouchable in? Is there more to this story than Spicerhaart are letting on?

    1. majortom1

      Errr-what has being in your 50s got anything to do with it ?

      1. Dope Ryder

        Err, what has your post got to do with anything?

  2. Not fake news

    Definitely more to the story here than meets the property eye – it is not clear why he has suddenly left the company 

    I am sure the staff will tell us on here abiding by the posting rules and using their freedom of speech

    1. Fawkes

      I’m sure you’d love that not fake news. A little gossip to start your weekend. Why does there have to be an ulterior motive? I don’t doubt that all will become clear over time as to what Pauls next move will be. The ‘why’ I imagine will be a private matter and I would add that how an individual leaves a company, is equally as important as to how they join. I don’t doubt Paul has made a decision based on his own values and those looking to promote speculation should consider their own actions first.


  3. Jay Patel

    Real shame. Top guy is Paul and I wish him all the best for the future. Great operator and I pray his departure was not due to protecting others. [Sentence removed as it breached posting rules]

  4. Bryan Mansell

    Good luck to Paul in his new venture. Top guy.

  5. wiseone

    He was a good FS Director at K&C and became MD for a very short time before being made to leave overnight to replace him with an agent.  The Agent who replaced him had taken over freeman Foreman which was a bottom performing subsidiary and did a great job of keeping it bottom.  Nice fella Paul but not a groveller so Anthony won’t like that.

    1. smile please

      Think you need to check your history. KK was not promoted from an agent (he came in as a regional from Arun Estates)

      He took a poorly running subsidiary and made it better, ended up with close to a 150 branches under his control. Let go by Platt and was one of the first to be rehired and still there today.

  6. Fs2Agent

    Not sure how close some of these comments are to the story here as I’ve heard quite the contrary…

  7. smile please

    Be interesting to see how Paul Smith spins this in his next article taking a pop at other agents.


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