Hybrid estate agency says it is ‘unashamedly gunning for the top spot’

Nested is looking to expand in the self-employed estate agency space, having pledged to invest £5m to help increase market share.

The hybrid agency has launched a new proposition for partner estate agents with a view to attracting 100 self-employed agents over the next 12 months.

Nested provides the following offer to agents thinking of joining the network:

+ Up to £25,000 in assistance to help partner agents financially whilst they build their business (subject to conditions)

+ Up to 70% of the customer fee is retained by the partner agent

+ Valuation leads provided every month with up to an additional £500 per month in local marketing spend to deploy as the agent wishes. A dedicated website and boards are included.

+ Nested’s bespoke technology platform and app, already built, tested and working

+ £5m war-chest to build a brand and to become a household name. The backing of a global advertising giant

+ A dedicated and defined geographic territory for each partner agent

+ All admin, telephone answering, enquiry handling and sales progression dealt with centrally by the Nested support team

Matt Robinson, the CEO and Founder of Nested, said: “We are unashamedly gunning for the top-spot as the number one supported, self-employed estate agency in the UK.

“We’ve been testing this model for some time and fixed the problems that competitors have struggled with since inception and we have serious backing with which to invest in our partner agents properly as we scale together.”

The head of commercial at Nested, Alice Bullard, argues that her firm is the first self-employed estate agency model to truly support its partner agents.

She commented: “In providing a proper financial cushion to agents they can go about listing and selling whilst building a business that will see earnings in excess of £100,000 a year and yet still have the flexibility in working hours that we all know is so important now.

“They won’t have to stress about paying their bills or borrowing money from the bank or from mum and dad, as we’ve removed the ‘leap of faith’ that we believe is a significant obstacle to the self-employed estate agency model otherwise.”

Bullard added: “Providing dedicated territories, a guaranteed marketing budget for their specific local area that increases as the agent builds their market share, plus a well thought out technology platform to help agents on the move and their customers, are obvious benefits that Nested pledge as part of their unique offering. Hybrid estate agency has evolved – and Nested are the innovators.”

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  1. MrSmith78

    For every 1000 self-employed agent in 2022, there’s 1 real property to sell. Good luck to the 999 who would have built up a mountain of debt and sold their family photos and their fake story from rags to riches on Instagram or youtube. Good luck.

    1. Bless You

      Thank you rightmove and zoopla for allowing this business model on your sites and in effect, killing the industry.

      1. Matthew Gardiner Legge

        “Killing the industry” could you expand on that with an explanation? Facts and figures might help.

  2. AlwaysAnAgent

    *** Lemming Alert ***

    There is a cliff edge nearby. Please increase your speed as you head towards this business cliff edge and sprint as you leap off the edge into financial freedom. Remember, there is a £100,000 waiting for you at the bottom.

    Don’t forget to chant “hybrid, hybrid” as you leap off the edge!

    1. Purple is the colour

      Talk about being a one trick pony! If you don’t have anything pleasant to say, don’t say anything at all! The ‘Corporate’ in you screams very loudly and that’s fine, but for many, the hybrid system works, not just for them but their clients as well. You’re obviously jealous?

      1. Rich@redhomes

        Alwaysanagent has his/her head stuck in the sand (as do most high st agents)….a lot will fail with the hybrid model but if you are the right person in the right area you will be a success!

        It is the way forward, you give a better more personal service at a lower fee, so its a win/win.

        Starting my hybrid company in 2005 we have been the number one selling agent for the last 15 years, yes working from my study! on track to have £170k profit this year…(waiting for smileplease to comment now ..lol)

        1. GioTum

          Well done and keep on growing :))

    2. jan - byers

      Many   high street agents  will go this year

      1. smile please

        Jan – How do you qualify that statement?


        Most agents have had their best year in a generation.


        Unless its retirement i can see many high street agents going?


        Far more self employed agents will suffer. The issues is listings. Most S/E will not have a database and will not get the required valuations to convert a listing. I know MANY on the S/E role that are finding this. Some are on their third partner company in as little as 18 months in the hope they get the promised leads.

        1. jan - byers

          Agents had a great year because there was  a surge due to the SD holiday.That brought forward many sales.As you say stock levels are very small for most now.
          I did not say that the self employed will not also be affected

          Time as ever will tell that is just my opinion and you are free to disagee.

  3. conoco9

    Good luck to them, great to have ambition. Hope they do well.

  4. Snyper

    ‘subject to conditions’ is no doubt having to find 25k to pay back if it doesn’t work out

    However, they seem to project more of a plan than most of these hybrid agents that are sprouting like weeds


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