NEWSFLASH: Boss of Boomin on the move

EYE has learned that Michael Bruce, the founder of Purplebricks and the founder and current CEO of Boomin, has put his 20,000 sq ft house in Sunningdale up for sale with a price tag of £19,500,000.

The seven bedroom ‘Titlarks House’, built by Octagon on the premier road in the district, is being marketed by Savills.

You can see the details on Rightmove

EYE is unable to find the property on Boomin.

Story update: Since this morning the property has been removed by the agent from Rightmove. EYE contacted Savills to ask about the withdrawal but no-one was available to deal with our enquiry.

EYE has also confirmed that the Land Registry Register of Title shows the owner of Titlarks House since 24th June 2019 to be Michael Bruce and Isabel Bruce. The property was purchased for £14,155,000.



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  1. 40yearvetran08

    Perhaps he needs something a little bigger! Aptly named house though, perhaps he will drop the larking around and just become a plain tit.

    1. IheartRE

      OMG, too right #40yearvetran08!
      So he needs cash to pump more money into Boomin- his sure thing is to have enough money to buy Windsor Castle if he feels like it.
      I have witnessed the way he talks to his wife, so a divorce may also be on the cards.
      And please pray to tell us why on earth Purple Bricks don’t have their brightest and best LPE handling the sale?
      I’m sure Michael could do his own viewings and surely paying the measly fees upfront is no trouble for him.
      And why can’t I find the listing on Boomin?
      Hmmm, how come he doesn’t seem to believe in his own products? This might send the wrong message to the public…
      Maybe #janbyerss could buy it and help Lil Mikey out?

  2. bobscarff

    Zero points out of ten for the cheap click bait PIE, but ten points for the Boomin gag :))

    1. Robert_May

      ….. a trademark Ros Renshaw footnote  if ever there were one!!!!

      1. IheartRE

        I miss Ros, she was a real card. I wonder if Ros is actually the “EYE Correspondent” that wrote this.

  3. Silver Fox


  4. grantlance

    Why is he using Savills? Won’t he suffer from commisery?

  5. AndSotheStoryBegan

    Even though the agency instructed sells than 50% of the £1m+ London homes it brings to market.

  6. Russell121

    Struggling to find it on Boomin or Purplebricks website.

  7. Gangsta Agent

    seems he likes to wear stilettos

  8. 00-AGENT

    I wonder why he didn’t list it with Purple Bricks….. why would that be… we all know

  9. hopperandco

    How many BTC will that be today?


  10. Robert_May

    Here’s the thing about agency, vendors are fickle; they choose their agent on other things than price and local reputation and even performance.


    If you look at Sunningdale as a  market Michael hasn’t chosen the best performing agent there, or even the 2nd or 3rd, he’s pick his agent for reasons that defy anyone’s attempt to rationalise his or any other vendors personal choice.

  11. A W

    What amuses me the most about this…the property isn’t listed on Boomin. Real confidence in his own product there!
    (also not on with Purple Bricks in case anyone was wondering)

  12. Norfolk Steve

    Interesting that a quick LR Search shows that he doesn’t own it!  According to the LR, it is owned by a Richard Hanson and has been since March 2016!

    1. IheartRE

      Hold on….So EYE got it wrong?

      Does MB just live there as a tenant?

    2. Otro

      They did get it right, him and his wife both listed on title absolute as of 25.6.19 you probably looked at the wrong property.

  13. Gangsta Agent


  14. BhaviBhudia

    So the Boss of Boomin doesn’t use Boomin. Shocking.

  15. Madasahata

    Wow, Michael Bruce maybe moves house.

    next week on PIE Harry Hill buys a new car but doesn’t like it!

    funny part is the amount of comments.

  16. Once Bitten

    Looks like it’s been taken off already, he probably realised the visuals of being on with an agent that doesn’t use the portal he owns lol.


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