Nearly four in 10 agents unwilling to work with vaccine refusers

Just under four in 10 agents surveyed by EYE are unhappy about the idea of working in the same office as someone who has refused the Covid-19 vaccination.

Some 38% of agents polled said that they are not prepared to work in the same office or work environment as someone who has declined to take the Covid-19 jab.

However, more than half of agents were comfortable with the idea of working alongside unvaccinated colleagues.

EYE poll result:

Are you prepared to work in the same office as someone who refuses the Covid-19 vaccine?

EYE opted to ask agents for their opinion following the findings of a study from HR software provider CIPHR. It revealed that 64% of UK workers think employers should be able to require employees to receive the Covid-19 vaccine before returning to the workplace.

What’s more, 35% of all UK workers said they would not work in the same office or work environment as someone who has refused the Covid-19 vaccination.

EYE’s poll caused quite a stir among some readers, as reflected by the comments in yesterday’s story.


Are you happy to work in same office as someone refusing Covid-19 vaccine?


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  1. fotw2614

    The world has gone mad.

  2. Eyereaderturnedposter12

    The Sky/BBC school of non-journalism.


  3. smile please

    Divide and conquer. So nice of PIE to run this poll.


    1. Typhoon

      You are right. Now it’s published, it’s “official’ so it will become the right of those who object to refuse to come to work!

  4. Happy Daze!

    I like the spin on this …they talk about the minority not the majority who WILL be prepared to work alongside those that haven’t had the vaccine!!…. not really well reported is it PIE??….

  5. McGonagal46

    I wonder whether agents will refuse instructions from vendors who have refused to be vaccinated. And also whether they will be asking for proof when booking appraisals. Wild guess, but I’m doubting it will be part of the spiel  

  6. htsnom79

    Please, no more essays from the tin foil hat brigade.

    Most of us will be dead inside fifty years anyway, Sheesh.

    There are a lot of things out there that can get you.

    1. Paul

      Lol – personal opinions aside on ‘to jab or not to jab’, I was just thinking the very same thing!


  7. AcornsRNuts

    A sample size much bigger than any of Shelter’s polls!

  8. Anonymous Coward

    A quick question for you…  It’s a bit out there but may help to point out the moral dilemma.  I know my conjecture isn’t true, it’s just a way of highlighting the issue.

    Imagine a situation where the law stated that a business owner had to compensate a member of the general public if they could PROVE that they got infected with COVID-19 whilst attending your office.  After all, many have the tracing app still active on their phones.

    As a business owner, would you take the risk of being sued for a substantial sum on the basis that one of your employees was unvaccinated?  Or would you insist that they stay furloughed?  Or would you insist that vaccination was a condition of employment due to legislation?

    I know that the law doesn’t exist.  But as a business owner, if a member of your staff is unvaccinated and (preventably) passes on the disease to Mrs Goggins who goes on to die, then arguably you had a specific moment in your life where a decision you made went on to kill someone.

    I had Covid right at the start in March 2020. I was one of the lucky ones – I had a bit of a headache for three days. I’ve had the first jab and I’m waiting on the second.

    Perhaps my view is different from many because Covid barely affected me… But getting the vaccine seems to be a very good thing to do. Not really for me myself because I’m generally fit and healthy and was already immune.  Instead it’s to make sure that I can go back to work in an office with my colleagues.  That is a game changer for our business.

    1. Gloslet

      By the same token, are you prepared as a business owner to be sued by an employee who suffers serious, long term side effects of being ‘forced’ to have a jab in order to continue or to gain employment?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        A good question, but ultimately a logical fallacy.

        You are more likely to die crossing the road on the way to work in the morning or when out on a viewing.

        You are more likely to die from inhaling dust from the office photocopier

        You are MUCH more likely to die taking the oral contraceptive pill – if you’re a woman of course.

        You are actually more likely to die tripping over in your kitchen and stabbing yourself to death on a butter knife in the dishwasher.

        And, of course, you are more likely to win the lottery this weekend.

    2. bestandfinal51

      Anonymous Coward – the thing is with your suggestion, and as I understand it, vaccinated individuals can still carry and infect others. What you are suggesting, for those in my office vaccinated, they are allowed to infect Joe Public with no come back to me on a legal basis. But those who are not, they will get me prosecuted?  What if I have an employee who is advised not to take the vaccine due to medical conditions?

      Spin it around. Would we then be in a society where which an unvaccinated individual visiting my office would get prosecuted by me for infecting my vaccinated staff member? Oh hang on, but I’m vaccinated, so I should be ok anyway. But if a staff member was not vaccinated and got infected, thats their problem? Well, the thing is, and speaking with staff members who say they do not want the vaccine, this is their point. They will take responsibility for their action or inaction surrounding vaccination take-up. Those that are vaccinated are immune? Or am I missing something.

      PIE will probably run a survey next week to gain an understanding from agents as to what the cutoff point is for the unvaccinated staff to be let go. Sell or let 10 properties a month, they’re safe. Any less, your out!

      Perhaps we should have the unvaccinated wear a badge, sewn into their clothing. Only allow them to visit non vaccinated people outlets. Hhhhmmm. Someone somewhere tried this before I believe. On reflection, that didn’t end too well either.


      1. paulgbar666

        Nobody is saying unvaccinated people shouldn’t be dealt with.


        But it is perfectly acceptable for BUSINESS reasons NOT to deal with them.



        So if I was taking on lodgers I wouldn’t take on any unvaccinated lodgers…………… BUSINESS choice which I am permitted to take.


        Being declined as a customer because you are unvaccinated is NOT a protected characteristic.


        Most LL will wish for vaccinated occupants for business reasons.


        LL are entitled to exclude unvaccinated persons from their business.

        So unvaccinated LA would not be used.


        LA are perfectly entitled not to be vaccinated just as LL are perfectly entitled to choose not to do business with unvaccinated LA.


        It is all about BUSINESS choices!!


  9. LogicallyHonest

    This is a quote form Matt Hancock:  He said the “vast majority” of people had mild symptoms, “but unfortunately, as we know, for some people it’s much more serious”.  
    Some people

    1. AcornsRNuts

      He should talk to Kate Garraway. She is married to one of those “some people”.

      1. htsnom79

        And the unknowable question, if the jab had been available and Derek had had it, would he be playing football in the garden with their kids?

        Must remember to watch sliding doors again, great film.

  10. purplepatchy

    Nearly three quarters of estate agents happy to work with non vaccinated colleagues. Fixed.


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