More respectful language neeed in PRS to avoid stigmatising tenants and landlords

More respectful language should be used in the private rented sector.

A round table, attended by a number of different players including industry bodies, agents, Nationwide and Generation Rent, discussed whether existing terminology is outdated and has the potential to encourage stigma.

Terms such as “home provider” and “resident” were proposed, rather than “landlord” or “renter”.

The round also agreed that letting agents should be regulated, as a way of eliminating unprofessional, unqualified and unethical players from the sector.

It was also agreed that insurance products available in the sector should be reviewed, to ensure that they do not contain restrictions such as “No DSS”, and to ensure that they do not inadvertently trigger unnecessary evictions.

The industry roundtable’s attendees included Nationwide, Countrywide, Propertymark, Connells, and the National Landlords Association and Residential Landlords Association.

All the participants agreed to continue to work together on a number of issues.

Paul Wootton, of Nationwide, said: “It was great to convene such a positive and collaborative discussion with people representing different parts of the sector. I feel very optimistic about how we can take this conversation forward, and work to ensure that the private rented sector works for everyone.

“Nationwide members are both renters and landlords, and we’re keen to ensure that both parties get a fair deal from the sector.”

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  1. Will2

    Shame the government were not invited as they coined the term “rogue landlords”.

  2. Woodentop

    Sounds like a coffee morning, a jolly good chat where everyone got on well and achieved nothing. Pray tell what did they come away with that is of real use to PRS and that can be achieved? So what are the issues mentioned? They seem to be discussing PRS as if they are the industries representatives … er no way do they represent the industry, only their self interests and no PRS mandate? How about next release headed from ‘Rogue Group’ round table meeting!

  3. smile please

    Ahhhh does that mean we can no longer refer to them as scumbag tenants in the office when they choose not to pay?

    Financially challenged tenants a better term?

    1. Woodentop

      I wonder what little gem they could come up with for “baby factories”?
      and for those dirty, smelly, lazy so and so’s becomes “Clinically challenged”. 

  4. PeeBee

    “Terms such as “home provider” and “resident” were proposed, rather than “landlord” or “renter”… 
    Paul Wooton, of Nationwide, said… “Nationwide members are both renters and landlords”…”
    Guess Mr Wooton took a pee-break when the ‘discouraging stigma’ discussion was on.


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