Kickstart Scheme #2 – Spicerhaart set to take on 93 trainees

Spicerhaart plans to add 93 trainees to its new trainee recruitment programme under the government’s new Kickstart scheme.

Paul Smith

The roles in sales, lettings and customer service are being offered in branches across the UK, operated by the company’s various brands, including its widespread haart branches, Howards in Norfolk, Haybrook in Yorkshire, Darlows in Wales, Felicity J Lord in London plus Butters John Bee in Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire.

The Kickstart scheme is aimed at young people aged 16 to 24 who are receiving Universal Credit and are at risk of long-term unemployment. The government will pay for 25 hours a week, which will be topped up by Spicerhaart to a full-time salary with commission.

Successful applicants will receive full training, coaching and work skills to enable them to be best placed to secure a permanent role in six months’ time.

Group CEO Paul Smith said: “We see this is a fantastic opportunity to bring young people into the profession who are motivated, enthusiastic and hungry for success.

“The six-month government-supported programme will be a stepping-stone to further career development and qualifications that will lead them to becoming fully-fledged estate agents within the Spicerhaart group.”

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  1. Eyereaderturnedposter12

    Seemingly nothing more than a “cheap labour” scheme…

  2. MidlandsAgent

    I think this is super positive. Making it a structured approach for everyone to get behind is clever too. So many of the current leaders joined our industry in this way and fought their way to the top in a career that gives great opportunities to those that can make a difference. Well done to Spicerhaart from me.

    1. A W

      Spicerhaart operates a policy whereby new starters have to pay back 75% of their initial start-up salary if they later leave the company before four months, which then tapers the longer they stay until after nine months.

      Judge a company on how it treats it’s staff… not by its fluff pieces. And I’m sorry to say Spicerhaart doesn’t treat its staff overly well.

    2. Eyereaderturnedposter12

      That’s one way to look at it…
      Another way would be: in the first months of 2020,  Spicerhaart made 230+ staff redundant (quite unceremoniously if reports are accurate). To now replace shy of half that number, with “cheap labour” (possibly to plug the gap, whilst market conditions are assessed), could/should be viewed a great deal of cynicism.
      I wonder how many of these ‘apprentice’/kickstart candidates will be migrated to full paying contracts, once the six months is up…perhaps a new announcement about a wonderful new scheme will be made in 5 months time(?).
      This must also be a real kick in the teeth, for those who were let go last year…I suspect none of whom have been invited back, to take up their roles.  

  3. RosBeck73

    It’s a shame it’s not open to all youngsters – including those who are in work but would love to work in estate agency. That would be fairer and more effective for all concerned. It would also reward those who have been willing to take any job even if they don’t like it. I hope they can consider making this amendment.

  4. Mokhan

    Re write ‘ a year after sacking the 300 the tax payer pays some haart staff’

    I can’t wait to see what worm catching Barry Evans has to say about this on LinkedIn in at felicity j bored lol

  5. majortom1

    Pretty disappointing that a company that is trying to help out our youngsters gets such negative comments.

    If your son or daughter left school with no job to go to after being victims of the worse year end to their education you can imagine why would you  criticise this Agent for trying to do something positive about it. Rather than slag it off-why dont you try offering the scheme yourselves-I’m sure there are a few 16 years olds right now that would really appreciate it.

  6. Elite Agent

    The irony of this article. I worked at FJL and had to endure the area director Barry Evans carry out observations and behaviour score cards on us. Then I dial into a conference call only to be told I was sacked and that I couldn’t ask any questions. Good luck is all I can say


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