Iconic brand Greene & Co to lose its name as it immerses into Countrywide’s Hamptons

One of Countrywide’s smallest but best known brands, Greene & Co, is to disappear.

From next month, it will be fully immersed into the Hampton brand, with transition day for the name change set for November 18 for what are now just five branches – down from seven a few months ago.

In 2015, Hamptons International acquired the north London agent for what was then described as an ‘eye-popping’ sum.

The Greene & Co business was founded some 35 years ago by David Pollock, who stepped down when the acquisition went through.

The company also featured in a fly-on-the-wall TV documentary about estate agents in 2004, when an unintentionally hilarious team-building exercise was a highlight.

As an employer, it offered an astonishing range of staff benefits including life coaching and massages, and nurtured a cool image for the previously unfashionable districts that it covered.

Lesley Cairns, managing director of Hamptons International, said: “We are excited to announce that Greene & Co will be fully joining the Hamptons International team.

“It is a recognised business in the area and has strong local connections, which is why we are looking forward to bringing their energy and ethos into our company, as we look to expand and diversify our offering.

“Hamptons International is an established brand, and this year we celebrate our 150th year, but as we look forward to the next 150 years and what that looks like, we want to make sure our offering is consistent and that our customers have the very best exposure, network and opportunity.”

Independent estate agent sells to Countrywide in eye-popping deal

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  1. smile please

    Crikey CW do know how to shoot themselves in the foot.

    Lose a well known local brand whilst simultaneously water down an international brand.


  2. Hillofwad71


    Classic example of  CWD’s foolish strategy of buying  iconic  brands expensively with cash  in a frothy market which was borrowed  only to wipe the goodwill off in less than 4 years

    CWD staff now pedalling hard to pay  offt the legacy debts


    Timing his exit to perfection maxing out the best possible price before the market deteriorated  Key driver Pollock  left   immediately after the takeover.

    Thanks for  the very handsome goodbye cheque Good Night and God  bless

    This is what  he said in 2015


    Mr Pollock commented, “Since joining Greene & Co in 1985, I have seen the business go from strength to strength and am proud have led and managed the company to become one of North London’s most esteemed market players. I have no doubt that under the Hamptons International umbrella; the company will continue to prosper. I believe that they offer the vision, backing and support required to take the business to the next level, and will also offer our valued staff and clients a wealth of opportunity and additional benefits. I KNOW THAT HAMPTONS WILL RETAIN WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT MEANS TO BE PART OF GREENE & CO  and I look forward to seeing the next chapter unfold in the company’s history.”


  3. AgencyInsider

    Happens far too often – and always with disastrous results. Very foolish to squander a well established and respected brand.

  4. spin2009

    Competitors should write thank you letters.

  5. SamH

    Reads like an ego play more than anything else. 35 years of trading, strong results and culture wasted. Goodwill through their team will carry through but there’ll be an immediate disconnect when a potential client googles Greene & Co because their friends all sold with them years ago and gets a Hamptons result

  6. brokerofexcellence

    Would have been better off rebranding some of the ailing Hampton’s, Bairstows, Abotts and Taylors branches in the area to Greene and Co……..

  7. Mrlondon52

    M&A done badly.

    An incompetent purchase of a very effective business driven by inexperience of Alison Platt to get exposure to the London mid-market.

    Hamptons is a successful outfit but this is purely a cost-saving decision and all the grassroots local marketing that Greene & Co were brilliant at is now wasted.


  8. GPL

    ……and as I have a very quick lunch I am tapping out an Email to The Oscars Award Committee ( mm, tt, ee? really?!), suggesting a New Category – “Most Optimistic Comment in a Press Release – Ever!”


    ……..and one of the nominees is (drum rooooooooll plz)


    Lesley Cairns, Hamptons International MD with……


    ” this year we celebrate our 150th year, but as we look forward to the next 150 years and what that looks like “


    Lesley? …..with that comment you should push Boris aside and take over Brexit!


    Possibly a little less laughing gas before you make your next Press Release?


    150 Years in the future? Our Planet will be wastepaper in the Universal Bin …..however, if you start building now you may manage some form of Spacecraft from old desks/chairs/iphones that may transport a couple of your staff to Hamptons New Branch on Mars?


    You made me laugh Lesley ……150 Years in the future? More laughing gas please.





  9. Mike Greene

    Estate Agency has changed beyond all recognition since 20th August 1980 , when GREENE and Co opened its’ doors for the 1st time at 322 West End Lane NW6.

    I suppose it’s a compliment to the strength of the GREENE and Co  brand that it’s taken 4 years for CW to dismantle the last vestiges of it.

    I remember in the late 1980’s when Halifax bought Jackson’s Property Services and then aggressively went on the acquisition trail and gobbled up many independents – and immediately jettisoned many well known , loved and respected names . And all they had bought was some very expensive short leasehold premises .

    And that went rather well – didn’t it?

    The reality is that in a rising and buoyant property market the ‘corporates’ can do pretty well . Markets like the current one requires leadership that is nimble and can adapt and re-  position their companies to survive tougher conditions.

    David Pollock was an inspirational leader , who with no disrespect  to CW’s management, has never been adequately replaced .


    August 1980 – October 2019



  10. Number1EA82

    When you let someone like Toby Philips look after a brand like Greene & co it will only go on way. Such a shame. Countrywide will go to the wall with him making decisions like this!!


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