Hybrid agency ready to expand across the UK

Hybrid agency Agent & Homes, which launched three years ago, has revealed ambitious plans for expansion.

The London-based, which currently has more than 40 agents, plans to expand in the capital and launch new hubs in locations such as Manchester and Brighton.

Agent & Homes’ founder, Rollo Miles, who previously worked for John D. Wood and Marsh & Parsons, says his firm is creating a full circle back to traditional estate agency, backed up by modern tech and freedom for its agents to make decisions on their own.

The company, which is headquartered in Notting Hill, is planning to expand further across the capital and has set its sights on having an Agent & Homes associate operating in every London postcode.

As well as consolidating its presence within the M25, the agency has plans to launch new hubs in Manchester and Brighton.

Rollo Miles

“We want to become a Northern Powerhouse,” said Miles. “The pandemic has changed people’s living requirements, with many people moving around the country. There is no reason for agents to be geo-constrained and our offering provides them with everything they need to operate successfully from any location.”

Agent & Homes was originally a platform which enabled self-employed agents to advertise their listings and secure leads.

It now offers agents full admin support, marketing strategies, bespoke websites, social media content and CRM access.

Ed Crowther, one of the agency’s partners, commented: “Getting the roadmap for our agents right was vital,” explains Ed Crowther, one of the agency’s partners.

“Having a little black book is great, but being able to replenish stock and make new contacts is key for agents who want to work for themselves.”

Agent & Homes says its philosophy is to allow its agents to work when they want, how they want and where they want.

Rav Sagoo, another partner at the firm, commented: “The high street loses so many great agents who feel boxed in by micromanagement.

“When you are forced on a daily telephone conference call with some middle management pen pushers to talk viewing numbers and how many phone calls you have made, is this really productive?”

“Today’s public don’t want robots. They want a story, they want service and they want to understand who they are working with and why.”


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  1. PepeM

    Really !?
    40 Agents, currently showing 58 properties available, 32 sold, on what has to be said is a pretty poor website. Looks like a very long journey North. Good luck.

    1. MisterP76

      I’d say if you’ve more than two houses available in this market you’re doing something wrong.

  2. JonnyBanana43

    In my experience, the phrase “northern powerhouse“ is used by people who don’t understand the North…

    It is not Game of Thrones. Stay below Watford, Rolloz….

    1. Rollo

      First I never watched ( Game of Thrones) more of a Vikings fan.

      second I think this remark is a bit unfair!! 2 of my partners are from chesterfield and Birmingham so we do get the North and the U.K.

      What we are is a positive thinking company.

      1. JonnyBanana43

        This is beyond hilarious… Birmingham & Chesterfield…?!


        I don’t think many would count either of those as “in the north”

        sorry pal



        1. ARC

          Correct JB, as a brummie I can safely say that I don’t see myself as a northerner.

          Clutching at straws I think that one was.

      2. Cheese.

        You’ve lost all credibility chap. Imagine having not watched GoT.

  3. WatchingwithInterest

    Why not try for the European super league as well??

  4. AlwaysAnAgent

    New story idea “The top 10 tinpot estate agency firms in the U.K.”


    Criteria could include financial losses, ridiculous PR statements, closure rates, and sheer stupidity.

    Prizes could range from a bunch of bananas to a Colin the Caterpiller cake for the overall winner.


    1. Rollo

      To be clear , we are self funded have not raised millions and after 3 years are in profit .

      we are not against the high street in fact we all came from high street brands and shops . What we think is that negotiators deserve more that a **** basic and more commission than the usual 10% so if you think this is a bad idea so be it .

      we think it’s great to work when you want , how you want and where you want .

      1. AlwaysAnAgent

        Are you guaranteeing any losses below you, in the pyramid?

        Negotiators, as you call them, do not lose money when they leave a workplace but self-employed “negotiators” can suffer losses as they have to carry the cost and responsibility of being being self-employed.

  5. Mrlondon52

    Whenever the Eye reports on launches and expansions the comments tend to be negative. Yes, I get that we’re all tired of companies ‘disrupting’ this and that but surely we need to wish them well? They’ve got 40 agents working which is an achievement so lets so how they do going national. It’s a tough gig with lots of hyperactive American self-employed agent models marketing themselves… but if they improve the experience for customers then good luck to them.

    1. AlwaysAnAgent

      If you read back through Hillofwad’s analyses of home agent schemes, you will see that the real underlying problems are hidden from view, although the problems always rise to the surface eventually.
      Swathes of new starters failing, 60+ failed and suffering heavy financial losses in one of his most recent analyses.
      Other bedroom schemes have gone bankrupt as they struggle to make money. Should these schemes be welcomed and congratulated? 

      1. jan - byers

        Where I live 4 agents in a high street have gone bust in the last 18 months
        Should they be congratulated?

    2. paths

      It’s because the comments section is full of crusty old bores who are stuck in the 90s and don’t like to see anyone try anything new. Always the same 3 or 4 names who make the same boring recycled comments, especially when it comes to PurpleBricks.

      Anyone who has a different opinion to the one branch independents who populate the comments section get shot down.

      Good luck Rollo – it might work, it might not, but at least it’s an ambitious idea and you’re giving it a go.

  6. Blue

    “Hybrid” does not sit comfortable with me.  It suggests (or aims to) better, more, superior. But when it is less, almost the same, a bit different that is not Hybrid. We need a new, more accurate title.

  7. Woodentop

    “When you are forced on a daily telephone conference call with some middle management pen pushers to talk viewing numbers and how many phone calls you have made, is this really productive?”  
    I see the argument, err no. Without a firm foundation of business operations, many a business would go under (some still do). Middle management has its place in any industry and is there to keep the steady path and viability. The bigger the organisation, its a life saver, so yes it is productive.  
    So your operating a hub that is a free for all. How do you plan on staying in business if you have no control and reliant on the ability and whim of the agent in his bedroom? Playing numbers and hoping for the best, not a sensible plan whenever the market is on a down turn. That’s when someone in middle management saves the day.

  8. Andrew Stanton Proptech Real Estate Influencer

    Rollo I have no idea why you rise to the usual crew of folk who hide behind fake names, maybe if they were brave enough to use their own names that would not be such brave little digital trolls, many with vested interests. For my part you have an excellent business and open esate agency philosophy, your model is simple, empower consumate agents to be the rockstars they are, by minimising the red tape friction, enhancing their ability to earn and be extrovert agent. Maybe if a few of the ‘usual suspects’ who enjoy dissing everyone and everything that appears on PIE actually came and saw you, spoke with those who work in the business – they might actually post something different – I doubt it.

    I fully appreciate if you want to make comment as yourself and not as an organisation then it is difficult, but I think any comment made by a ‘ghost’ is typically seen as a little covert, especially if the comments are troll like, which seems to the fashion here. As Zara puts it – discussion is healthy, but borderline playground bullying wrapped up in playful banter from anonomous sources is pretty toxic, especially as the direction is increasingly moving towards transparency and accountability.

    1. Woodentop

      or as one well known contributor of PIE has commented many times …  
      It doesn’t matter who says what, it is the content that matters.  
      So who is behaving like a Troll? Those with expereience and in the know, raise points of importance in direct response to questionable comments isn’t being a Troll.

  9. KremerSignsNick

    I’ve watched Agent & Homes grow organically since day one, fantastic to see things are going well & that the ambition is still there. Best of luck Rollo 🙂

  10. Gangsta Agent

    I have watched the self employed situation grow over the last few years with the likes of KW, EXP and a few others that no one has ever really heard of shouting about how its better for people to work from home, on their own and on a non salaried basis. Some make money and those are the ones you hear from, however I would suggest that most don’t or they make enough based on the fact they probably work part time with 3 or 4 instructions at any one time.

    But, watch out if you’re going up north as I heard Strike do it for nothing up there, for gawds sake you could not make this up!



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