Green party calls for ‘immediate’ rent caps

The Green party has called for immediate rent caps, saying these are needed to protect tenants from escalating house prices.

The party also wants to see the creation of a Living Rent Commission.

Referring to the ONS report on house price inflation, Green party leader Natalie Bennett said: “For young people, this rise in house prices means that the prospect of owning a warm and secure home is at best decades away or at worst an impossible dream.

“Many are now consigned to expensive and poor quality private rented accommodation that leaves them with very little money at the end of the month.

“This news, coupled with the continued decrease in social housing stock, means that the Government must immediately impose a cap on rent rises as part of a multi-pronged approach to help the UK’s 11m private renters.

“Going further, Greens have been vocal about the creation of a Living Rent Commission to establish what acceptable rates of rent should be.

“There would be no better time than now to get this discussion started.”


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  1. Will

    Landlord calls for Green Party to be dissolved.

    It is politicians that have caused the the housing crisis by not investing in housing, by permitting unfettered migration into the UK without providing the necessary infrastructure to support it. Stop the claptrap and correct your errors by providing the housing for those you have welcomed into the UK for the increased tax take.

    1. Will

      Rent caps will not provide housing (in fact it will reduce the supply of rented property) and party leaders need to go back to secondary  school and learn basic economics and cut the LANDLORD BASHING.

  2. seenitall

    Retarded thinking.

  3. Yorkshire Landlord

    Reducing the costs of rents so that all can afford them does not increase the number of properties available to rent in fact it will reduce the available stock for renters and reduce mobility as tenants will not dare give notice in case they can’t find an alternative property where they need to be. But great sound bite to get those votes and as we know politicians are not concerned with long term consequences only securing their own political appointments

    1. Will

      Well Yorkshire Landlord.  The MPs do need to support their expenses, house flipping and duck houses!! and they can’t do that unless voted in!


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