New digital twin technology tailored for estate agents

A new WhatsApp communication tool that operates 24/7 to assist home buyers with their inquiries at any time has been developed with a tool that uses digital twin technology tailored for estate agents, providing immediate and accurate responses to enhance the house hunting experience.

The digital twin, developed by SMS Speedway in Carlisle, offers continual support, aimed at increasing customer satisfaction by delivering timely and relevant property details.

Furthermore, the AI-powered tool aims to enhance buyer understanding by providing information about nearby amenities, including schools with Ofsted ratings, bus routes, parks, GP surgeries, and local dining and leisure options.

“We are going deeper, peeling back the layers and taking a look at not just the house, its history and character, but the local community too so that we can give people a real feel for what life may be like in their new home,” Bradley Kieser, the head of the telecommunications company, told News & Star.

According to Kieser, the matter transcended by simply providing stiff, automated responses that frustratingly failed to address inquiries. He stressed that the technology was considerably more sophisticated and personal. It involved going the extra mile to offer reassurance and support to buyers and sellers, thus providing estate agents with a competitive edge in a market where communication was crucial.

“The aim is to go above and beyond to inform, engage and reassure with gold standard customer service. AI is all about knowing what makes human beings tick,” Kieser added.



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  1. Gangsta Agent

    what next robot agents,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, give it a f******g rest


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