Gas safety? What’s that, asks one in ten landlords

More than one in ten landlords are unaware of the legal obligation to provide an annual gas safety certificate.

According to new research by British Gas and Shelter, and released during the current gas Safety Week, 14% of landlords polled did not know of the duty.

Altogether 741 landlords letting properties with a gas supply in England were polled.

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  1. MF

    Shocking. This has been a requirement for 20 years now! Too many landlords must still think "there's nothing to it, just find a cheap place to advertise for a tenant, get some rent/deposit and move them in".

  2. lee10c

    This is what happens when people choose not to use a regulated agent!

  3. PRman

    So where are the regulated agents lee10c speaks of? Sounds as if he's as confused as the landlords who know nothing about gas safety. There are no regulated lettings agents in the UK. Never have been, never will be unless the politicians have a Damascene moment. Lee is among the 100 per cent of other lettings agents (if that is what he is by profession) who operate in a totally unregulated market. Sadly many are deluded by thinking they are "licensed" or "regulated" – none of them are anything of the sort in any meaningful way.


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