Franchisee expands business by launching in Milton Keynes and Bletchley

Chris Wells

A franchisee of hybrid brand EweMove is expanding into another area less than a year since launching his first agency.

Chris Wells, 27, launched his franchise in Welwyn Garden City in September last year, and this month sees him grow the business by opening in Milton Keynes and Bletchley.

Wells, who started his estate agency career in Malta ten years ago, is eyeing further growth.

He said “It’s been a challenge, but since my official opening in September, it’s gone from strength to strength.

“I began my agency career in Malta ten years ago and joined a UK based corporate two years later. I love the buzz of the sales side of the business and got off to a flier with EweMove.

“This successful start and my belief that hybrid agencies are the future has led me to invest in another area and grow my team.”

Wells believes that more agents should consider going it alone, rather than work for another agency.

He added: “I crunched the numbers before committing to EweMove and worked out that I’d be earning more money selling just two properties a month as my own boss than I would selling 10-12 homes if I were employed.

“The welcome and support EweMove have given me has been brilliant, and I’m looking forward to working hard, growing my business and reaping the rewards.”


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  1. AlwaysAnAgent

    ”Opening” in another area, without a shop or office? What exactly is “opening” when there is nothing to open? A car door, a man-bag, driving a few extra miles while “opening” a packet of fruit pastilles?

    I wish this young man well, I really do, as it’s a tough sector and we have all had to earn our stripes in one way or another. My comments are not aimed at the hardworking chap, they’re aimed at the title of the piece and the way bedroom agents misdescribe their businesses.

  2. Hillofwad71

    Always good to read of success stories and  good to see Chris expanding and moving into Bucks from Herts.The very best  of luck to him
    Always important to have some balance as one thing you never hear  from the  Head Shepherd  is the failures   which there are a plenty .You would never have guessed from the current  recruitment campaign.
    The  franchisee who operated the adjoining  territory in Bucks was less fortunate.
    They folded in 2018 . Failed to submit accounts for the last accounting year but were carrying a deficit of £30k with £57k   annual creditors in their last accounts .
    Ewemove currently recruiting on steroids ,
       Recent recruits include lumberjacks , swim instructors , van leasers  ,phone salesmen & sandwich makers amongst others .
    Head Shepherd recent comment
    “We’ve had some amazing success recently, not only in recruiting new franchisees And as far as recruiting from outside the industry is concerned, we have always done this since 2014. In fact, we only started accepting experienced agents from 2017. And what do we find? We find there is no difference. This is a people business and the key skills required are: Sales, customer service & knowing how to run a business.”
      Forgetting of course that those with 0 experience feature very highly amongst the failures incurred  huge personal debts ,Heh but they don’t count in the woolly sheep story.
    Not only that failing to flag up the most important skillset . The ability to value correctly which only experience  and a period of training is needed before being let loose at an unsuspecting public
    He then has the brass neck to level this one at experienced agents who run successful businesses
    SEVEN  of the recent fresh  lambs  arriving have yet to secure their  maiden instruction
    DROITWICH kicked off in April & SOUTH SHORE in May  0 instructions .
    2 new franchisees  started earlier in the year currently have  0 instructions
      GOSFORTH &JESMOND  recently  started yet to gain their  maiden instruction boast this in a desperate effort to get the ball rolling  misleading n the public with this  on the 15th July
    “At EweMove Gosforth we help THOUSANDS of landlords get the best possible returns for their rental properties. Find out more”
    They have yet to help no one
    No doubt suckered in by the success stories in the recent recruitment campaign  
      “Wow… £100,021 of sales in the first six months of operation! We think that’s a great mark of success”
    “We are pleased to share Robert Bassett and Mark Holmes’ story, who listed 57 properties and achieved £146,321 of potential income with a property stock value of £15,594,900 in the first four months from launch!”  


    Congratulations Chris. Testament to the immense effort, drive and ultimately the success that leads you to expand.

    Good luck.

    Always An Agent. That cracks me up. Such an out of touch view that I expect you currently stick to the 4 terrestrial TV channels (there’s 5 now by the way) and fire up the commodore.

    its 2021 and estate agency doesn’t and shouldn’t need to be defined by the very outdated view that if you’ve not got a big expensive high street office then you’re not a real estate agent.

    Hillofwad. Not sure you can talk about balance. Your views are about as balanced as a Hippo on a unicycle. We should get a WhatsApp group going at the rate.

    1. Hillofwad71

      As usual Donovan shoot the messenger rather than address the message . Keep that sheep’s head  firmly buried.
      The other day   you mentioned  you were made fully aware of the risks when taking on a franchise but refused to share these .
      I am sure EYE readers  would like to know
      How many failures and why such a high %?
      What amount of personal  debt has been cranked up?
      How many ex franchisees had to sell their houses  to pay off debts?
      What % of failures had no previous property expereince?
      How many existing franchisees are carrying £50k debts or more?
      Why  when Ewemove are saying terrritories are running out fast yet there is only 1 franchisee in Wales & 2 in Scotland ?  
      5 franchisees disappeared there Why so many ?

    2. jan - byers

      I do not have satellite TV

  4. Head_Shepherd#2

    Well done to Chris who is now expanding along with his brother into a second territory – both hard-working and entrepreneurial people who will reap the rewards of their hard work, along with our rapidly growing network of franchisees who, quite frankly are doing exceptionally well.  Especially since the emergence of the industry from lockdown 1 in May last year, where our cloud-based systems and operational flexibility allowed us to gain a big jump in market share, whether or not our franchisees worked from a High Street shop, (of which we have some), a serviced office, (which we have most), or from a home office.  The key is not about sitting behind an office desk, wherever that might be located, it’s about meeting customers – sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants in the properties that we Sell or Let.
    [Comment deleted]

    1. Ostrich17

      From recent PIE –

      “This is almost as many as it has ever recruited in a year and puts the Group well on track to achieve one of its core strategic aims: to double the size of EweMove territories to 230 by the end of 2022.”


      Who said this 4 years ago?

      “After all, the person filling the position would need to drive forward growth of its existing 120+ branches whilst attracting and launching new franchisees across the UK.”



    2. Secret Agent

      Excellent Head Shepherd. I asked Hillofwad to explain himself and his bias and now I have a real answer.

    3. AlwaysAnAgent

      I have to say Mr Head that your post gives the impression you are not willing to answer his questions or dispute his claims. That’s up to you I guess.

      HillofWad owns shares in most of the PLCs, or so he says, including PFG which owns Ewemove?

    4. Dick Value

      If this reveal is correct, is PIE now permitting anonymous posters to be doxxed on this forum? Suggest you lawyer-up.

    5. Robert_May

      Bad form! attempting to discredit a poster’s comments by posting their identity and past is unacceptable.

      1. AlwaysAnAgent

        Couldn’t agree more Robert. No professional firm would react in this way, and the PFG Directors needs to sort themselves out and get a grip. You couldn’t make it up.

        I have a feeling that Mr Head might live to regret his comment, especially if Hill is called on by a disgruntled current or ex-franchisee to provide facts and figures around the failures, losses and marketing tactics, he regularly discloses.

    6. AgentQ73

      Embarrassing response.

    7. smile please

      Head Shepherd,


      What a way to respond. HOW is just stating facts and warning potential franchisees because Ewemove is misleading on how easy it is to make money.


      All you have done is attack an individual, Maybe if he has lost money (lets hope you can prove that) he has learnt and trying to help others as he was taken in by silver tonged sales people selling systems or advertising.

    8. Eyereaderturnedposter12


      I wasn’t going to post my views on your commentary, regarding HoW…however, I think that in seeking to cast aspertions in an individual’s history, displays a distinct lack of quality, and may have lost much (of what there may have been) respect from many readers, as well as detrimenting the brand you represent.


      We have all failed at something or other (yourself included) during our time in this life.


      Seeking to denigrate an individual in a deeply personal/sensitive manner (simply on the basis that you may not agree with their perspective)…is about as tacky as it is puerile.


      Glass houses and all…

    9. PeeBee

      WOW! Some things simply can never be unseen – and this is right up there with the best (or in this case, worst) of them.

      HeadShepherd2 – your post dives to the depths of comments posted here on EYE by the likes of ducky and The Quirkster.

      It might have made you feel good to type it… might have made you feel even better to press “POST COMMENT”…

      …but it would have avoided whatever credibility you previously had being shot to smithereens on this platform to then immediately press “DELETE POST”.

      Too late was the cry.

  5. Hillofwad71

    Well own no shares in Belvoir and only previously by proxy  and not for sometime .
    Think they are fully valued at  the moment  but take nothing away from them maintaining  a steady roster of franchisees
    Arrived into TPFG  as gifted shres  in the takeover  by  TPFG of Hunters
    No longer holding.
    Certainly  an advocate of Winkworths where the Head Shepherd  could do worse than take a leaf  out of Dominic Agace’s book
    Sounds like he has got  a bit rattled  

  6. majorcowpie

    Never mind all that – who submitted Chris’ photo like that?? A lesson in how to use transparent images might be useful to whoever sent that in. Wishing him the very best of luck – too much keyboard sniping in these comments. Rather cowardly.

    1. PeeBee

      And where is his ‘co-Director’ (who is also his brother) in the two new franchises?  Why is he given no mention?

  7. Hillofwad71

    Sorry to disappoint but no debts no outstanding  loans
    A company closed down in 2018 was  a SPIV  formed  to acquire a single commercial property  Subsequently sold for a profit ,no debt and loans fully paid and satisfied.
    Putting that  aside what  the Head Shepherd does show  though in his comment is a singular lack of empathy to those who might  experience difficulties  which  many do at some stage in a career.
    , Those franchisees who have  fallen by the wayside ,the collateral  damage in all this The preference being to boast about the success stories .
      Not  a good quality for someone  whose  job is to look after the health of the whole flock

    1. Dick Value

      Not forgetting his libelous comments which have remained on here for 90 minutes. Time to serve him some papers.

      1. Dick Value

        To the person who gave this the thumbs down read the rules: Your comment must not defame an individual or entity nor bring them into disrepute. It must not promote a business or contain hyperlinks to other websites. Comments breaching these terms may be removed.
        Actually they should read as follows: Your comment must not defame an individual or entity nor bring them into disrepute nor reveal their true identity where they post anonymously. It must not promote a business or contain hyperlinks to other websites. Comments breaching these terms WILL be removed. There, fixed it for you PIE.

        1. smile please

          It seems only advertisers have the luxuary of having comments removed that paint them in a poor light.A quick google search shows no debt and a rather flattering news artical with the purchase of the commercial property.

  8. Hillofwad71

    I wonder what the Head Shepherd  has to  say  to the 2 Directors at Wokingham who arrived here late in careers a few years ago who have 0  instructions and none since January  whose accounts are overdue at Companies House
    The last spin of the career coin
      Both at retirement age whose latest accounts had a staggering deficit £259,833  and annual creditors with only a couple of sales to service of £299.876  
    I hope he sleeps well at night counting the successful sheep
    I bet they don’t feature in the recruitment campaign

  9. Hillofwad71

    Maybe reach out to the franchisee at HAMPSTEAD whose last instruction according to ZPL was over 2 years ago
    The franchisee’s  68th birthday  in September.
    No £500k golden goodbye as promoted when recruited just a huge debt to take into retirement . Far from it his latest  accounts showing a hefty deficit  of £90,332 and annual creditors due  of over£100k with little sales acccrued to even  touch the sides .  
    Deficit increased year on year
    Surely Ewemove don’t need the £1k pcm . Any responsible CEO  would  have  suggested perhaps its in everybody’s interst to call it a day  
    Maybe offered to reimburse them the franchise fee because of their age
      What  price ,success ?
    The golden fleece


    Interesting comments here.

    I think perhaps it’s come to the fore today that frankly seeing the same old tosh from the same old individual is just tiring, it’s boring and fairly pointless, unless…..

    Hillofwad what is the plan, the aim, the mission here with the constant negative rhetoric you post?

    There must be a plan for you to be so passionately negative???

    Im not sure how different calling you out is to you persistently calling out and sharing personal financial information of some of my colleagues on a regular and persistent basis

    Fair enough this info is there if you want to find it but it takes a special type of person to go hunting for it and an even more special person to make it there personal mission to share it.

    So what is the plan?



    1. PeeBee

      I would say that Hillofwad71 has made “the plan” perfectly clear from the very outset of what you describe as his “personal mission”.
      Maybe you missed it.  Maybe you ignored it.  Maybe you simply don’t believe it.
      But some people… whether you subscribe to the notion or not… really do have the best of intentions in mind when they set off on their “personal missions”.
      You might want to have a read here, DONOVANMOHOG:

      1. PeeBee

        DONOVANMOHOG – suggest you have a read of this article from the EYE archives
        Do a search and you will find there are plenty more where this came from, all demonstrating an alarming history of conflict between individuals with “personal missions” and ewemove in relation to their claims and marketing statements.
        Compared to certain other companies these are chickenfeed – but of course your own agenda doesn’t extend to those.  You probably agree with every word said against them.
        Such is the way of things.  It’s funny to watch others squirm – but uncomfortable when it’s you and yours doing the squirming.

    2. Hillofwad71

      Well the plan here is hopefully for Ewemove to acknowledge the number of failures and high level of personal debt and do something  about it
        That looks very unlikely with Nick Neil in the helm where the recruitment campaign  is in full flow  
      I really can’t be more clear I have flagged up numerous examples of misleading  promotional items.
      It’s clear the HS is uninterested prefers  to abuse the messenger as if somehow that  changes the message
      Being a shepherd  is not about the prize rams but looking after the health  of the whole flock  
      I should imagine any professional agent reading  the stories of Wokingham & Hampstead  would be appalled
      He should  be and you Donovan deeply embarrassed
      Where is the mentoring 
      How has a responsible CEO let this situation develop?
      Look at the  listing of a property  by Hampstead It beggars belief  
      1st May 2021 Price reduced by £8,000 £377,000
      2nd Feb 2021 Price reduced by £5,000 £385,000
      19th Oct 2020 Price reduced by £5,000 £390,000
      14th Jul 2020 Price reduced by £4,500 £395,000
      7th Apr 2020 Price increased by £500 £399,500
      7th Jan 2020 Price reduced by £6,000 £399,000
      11th Nov 2019 Price reduced by £20,000 £405,000
      13th Jun 2019 Price reduced by £25,000 £425,000
      5th Mar 2019 Price reduced by £15,000 £450,000
      12th Jan 2019 Price reduced by £10,000 £465,000
      29th Oct 2018 First listed £475,000  
      I guess the “same old tosh ” about your colleagues who are  suffering  or have suffered the ultimate fate says it all 
      Nothing is going to change

  11. Hillofwad71

    You really couldnt make this up  New  franchisee Windsor & Egham just  announced  today on Facebook taking over from  Saville Park Ltd  T/A   Ewemove Slough & Windsor
    Just had  a   compulsory  strike off suspended  at Companies House in June (accounts 12 mths overdue)  and were  expelled by the  Ombudsman last year
    “Saville Park Ltd in Slough has been expelled after tenants complained about repairs and maintenance of their rental property, the provision of documentation, the end of tenancy procedures, provision of the landlord’s details and complaints handling.”

  12. GioTum

    Hillofwad, there is a saying that ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ . As I have said in the past you need to be balanced in your assessment as you have failed to do so….again highlighting price reductions from 3 years ago ….wow that is so uncommon with Agents in reducing their prices, well done on highlighting this as no other Agent as done this.

    There is obviously a deep-rooted hatred with Ewemove as you have failed in the past to give a fair assessment on this Franchise and fail to others as you haven;t highlighted their failings… maybe don;t want to as you re currently spend 10 hours a day highlighting price reductions,,,,,,,,

    Once again you haven’t commended that Ewemove are No1 in the UK as the most Tristed Agent ( Trustpilot ) , won 2 National Awards for Sales and Lettings and we are still disastrously poor…what about the other Agents who don’t / award any accolades?


    Trouble with social media , like Twitter and this one is that people can vent comments which are inflammatory and not balanced ie and serves the Community with no relevance…………

    Like I said before you need to take a deep breath and focus your mind on your own business……… if you have one…….


    1. Robert_May

      I am aware of Hillofwad’s viewpoint on Ewemove, he does not have a deep rooted hatred of Ewemove or the model.


      It was requested that if I knew who HOW was PFG would like to have a dialogue with them. That professional introduction was betrayed yesterday, something I consider inexcusable and  unacceptable behaviour.


      He does not have an issue with the group or the model but is looking for  a greater clarity  for prospective franchisees what they are getting into. I have pointed out to him that those who fail haven’t done the things the successful franchisees have and there was no barrier that prevented them from success other than  effort  ability and the territory they  chose to run. His  issue is with the marketing of the franchise opportunity and the lack of deterrent for people who really should not take up the opportunity.


      If the selection process  were more robust Ewemove would be more successful, would be seen to be more successful and would therefore attract better agents. His criticism isn’t  just critical he is trying to be constructive

    2. PeeBee


      ” there is a saying that ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’.”

      There is another saying –

      “Better to say nothing and be thought a fool than post complete MDM on PropertyIndustryEye and remove all doubt”

      I’ll leave that one parked here…

    3. Hillofwad71

      Gio Tum Again like your colleagues you fail to acknowledge or address that in obtaining these awards .many franchisees  have and are suffering  the consequences  
      Not one of you has shown any sympathy or willingness to help those which are and have distressed  which is quite apalling
      Seemingly quite happy for those franchisees at Wokingham and  Hampstead to wither on the vine and quietly disappear
      This in no way detracts from those hardworking franchisees who deliver a good service and are successful.All credit to them
        All you seem  concerned is somone giving  a more balanced  view .
      I am m ore concerned that   a CEO  of a subsidiary of a listed company prefers to diss  someone  “Caveat Lector”like some sort of disgruntled  employee  rather than address some very valid criticisms .
      It isn’t going to make them go away  
      What about the new franchisee yesterday at Windsor?  
      Let’s hope he was  made aware that the previous franchisee  Ewemove Slough and Windsor was expelled by the Ombudsman and resultant reputational damage   to the  brand in the locality
        How on earth was that allowed to happen? and what has been done internally to prevent this from occurring again 
        What sort of award do you want for that?

  13. Hillofwad71

    I have no wish to damage the reputation of Ewemove or those of the  successful franchisees
    In fact I actually think the brand is good  with some great touches like the box of tricks handed  over to new homeowners nor do I doubt the enthusiam of some of the  franchisees  or their successes
    Some of them make  a particularly good use of Facebook  Guildford and Luton East, Dunstable ,Otley for example who have done extremely  well  turning things around after a slow start
    I would prefer to shout these from  the  rooftops rather than draw attention   to the fact that some  franchisees  are suffering unnecessarily and perhaps should be paid off
    I take no comfort from those late starters who have tossed the last coin  who have arrived thinking they will have a £500k nest egg  and leaving with a big debt & only have a miserable retirement to face
    I also take no comfort that the promotional campaign   is  saying Quick quick buy before they have all gone  when great swathes of the company who remain sheep free All these are easily addressable
    Ii take no comfort that   sufficent a lack  of due diligence is taken at the beggining and mentoring throughout which has resulted in the high casualty list .They took on a franchisee in Macclesfield who was under a restraining  order for stalking females for Godssake and they wonder why he failed !

    1. GioTum

      Hillofwad not going to reply in-depth as I feel it will go on forever, I’m busy running my business 6/7 days a week and have limited time for this sort of debate. Clearly there is an issue

      In terms of awards and you challenged last time…just from the Industry and clients and customers will do……..


      Not one of you has shown any sympathy or willingness to help those which are and have distressed  which is quite apalling

      The camaraderie within the network is such that it promotes a culture whereby franchisees do help one another and regularly whether on a one to one basis or on a group basis.

      im not sure how you can say no sympathy is shown.

      Im not sure whether this forum is the place for sympathy. Those that perhaps aren’t achieving to the level they’d hope, know that support is there whenever they need it, from fellow franchisees and HQ staff.

      I do agree that the recruitment messages are bold and sometimes they wheel out stats that aren’t up to date.

      BUT taking on a franchise whether it’s with EweMove or AN other isn’t a gold ticket to success and I don’t believe that’s what we promote.

      I don’t know any of my colleagues that joined because they thought it meant a 500k nest egg was guaranteed

      Those that do well do so because they show sheer mental grit, tenacity, and consistently use all that EweMove offer to the best deployment possible.

      I had zero experience but 5 or so years on we’re established in our market for our expertise, results and customer service.

      Day one, did I know I was going to succeed and did EweMove know I was going to succeed. No.

      Therefore I’m not sure how a Franchisor can possibly say for certain whether a franchisee will or won’t be successful and therefore should or shouldn’t join the network.

      It’s down the Franchisee just as much as it is the Franchisor if not more so.

      I’ve seen colleagues decide to hang up there boots and that is always sad if it happens.

      However said I’m just not sure why it’s your place to publically reveal personal financial results of those colleagues.

      But hey, if that’s brings you some sort of pleasure then you do you and I’ll do me.


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