haart has a new branch partner

Jamie Wass

Jamie Wass, who has worked as an estate agent for almost 20 years, is haart’s latest branch partner.

Wass, who has worked for haart for almost 10 years, has opened a new branch in Clacton.

He said: “Clacton is my dream office. I have been waiting my whole career to be able to have a branch close to home that I can help nurture and develop using both my industry and local knowledge.

“I believe that a great estate agent cares about the area and the people as much as the market, and my passion for my local area helps me in being able to give great advice to clients as well as help develop the team.”

Wass added: “I loved the haart brand, I loved the forward-thinking approach they took, I knew It was a company I wanted to evolve with.” 

“haart is one big family, our core values benefit the company, clients, but most importantly, our staff. The development available and flexibility within roles creates great employees and also makes sure everyone is happy and maintaining a good work-life balance. This is something I want to continue as I grow my branch.” 


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  1. AlwaysAnAgent

    Congratulations to Jamie and I am sure his friends and family are pleased that he has secured a new branch position.


    PIE, there are two pieces today that should be in Movers and Shakers?

    1. Dick Value

      Slow news day. Apparently nothing has happened recently involving NTSELAT.

      1. PeeBee

        OHHH, YES IT DID!

  2. Tornado

    I’ve just seen that Jamie has also been recognised at a recent awards event – clearly this is working out well for everybody. Great to see. Good luck to you Jamie.

  3. Countrybumpkin

    Congratulations Jamie – but PiE second story line ?#%*

  4. Gangsta Agent

    Guy gets managers job, NEWS?

  5. jan - byers

    Who cares?

    Why on earth does PIE keep on reporting  non stories like this

  6. Hillofwad71

    Jan -Byers


    Talking of which

    Still nothing  on EYE about Chris Woods getting one over on NTSELAT

    Chris’s story and his spat , many column inches have been devoted in the past  yet not a dickybird about the result which could ead to some chnages there having wasted  a limited budget chasing a whistleblower


    All very strange ?

    1. jan - byers

      Must say I have not heard the Chris Woods tale what is it about?

      1. PeeBee

        I’d include a link to the two other ‘trade press’ sites that have covered it over the last two days – but unlike defamatory and completely unsubstantiated comments from one poster regarding another, they would most likely be #NUKED.
        But you post on one of them – so you’ll know where to have a look back in the archive.  It’s currently at position #14.
        Or just Google “Chris Wood NTSELAT”.


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