Estate agent turned MP Kevin Hollinrake offers tips for agency success

Estate agent turned MP Kevin Hollinrake has taken part in a Q&A with industry trainer and consultant Stephen J Brown, in which the Hunters co-founder and chairman shared his key principles for success.

The interview features some useful top tips for becoming a successful estate agent.



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  1. Ableagenttrainer

    Fantastic people – Kevin is a great ambassador for the industry and I think everyone should join my campaign Kevin for Housing Minister!!! The Government need someone who understands our industry warts and all but who will have the best interests of the customer at heart too.

  2. Woodentop

    Someone remind where do Estate Agents and Politicians stand in the pecking order, lol.


    After 5 minutes I switched off from what was nothing more than chit chat and of no use. Sitting through another 37 minutes was not appealing so maybe something constructive came out of it BUT this looks more like an advert and not very well presented.


    Good luck to Kevin, you will need it …. how many Housing Minister have lasted more than 12 months for so many years?

    1. DHS75

      Well Woodentop, out of the 18 – yes eighteen! – housing ministers this century, 11 have been in position for 12 months or more. In fact on the13th February the current incumbent will be the twelfth.

      Before you ask the longest serving housing minister this century is Grant Shapps at 845 days and the shortest – Dominic Rabb with 181 days – whatever happened to them?!

      1. Woodentop

        I think you got my point … they don’t stay for very long.

  3. Jim S

    The last thing we want is Kevin Hollinrake as the housing minister, this man was one of the key figures who were responsible for introducing the awful tenant fees ban. Reducing rental deposits when they should have been increased to at least two months rent, £50 fee for carrying out a resign up of tenancies when the fee could quite easily go to £300 for dealing a large student HMO of several tenants, £3 maximum charge for getting replacement keys cut for a tenant (No respect for a landlords time to go and get the key cut), no bank charges for bounced cheques/debt letters, an interest rate to the tenant at a rate far lower than we could ever borrow the money at. etc etc. The fees ban guidance document reads like it was produced by a 16 year old and is a very poorly written document and yet Kevin Hollinrake advocated this.

    Kevin Hollinrake is also at the present moment advocating the Proportional Property Tax,current%20value%20of%20your%20property.&text=The%20tax%20is%20only%20paid,those%20owners%20unable%20to%20pay. He basically wants a landlord to pay the tenants council tax and then claim it off the tenant. Yes landlords have to get the money off the tenant!!!!!!!! All second home owners/holiday home/landlords will have to pay a yearly tax of 0.96% of the property value which is a wealth tax.

    What is also strange is that he is a Conservative MP and yet these are all Socialist labour ideas.

    I don’t want someone like that to be our Housing Minister.



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