Estate agent launches competition to deter fly boarding

An estate agent in Basingstoke has launched a competition which they hope will deter their competitors from fly boarding in the local area.

As part of its latest marketing campaign, Martin & Co Basingstoke is urging local residents to send in photos of sale or to let boards that are “not where they should be” and tag Martin & Co Basingstoke on Facebook or Instagram.

The competition is designed to help reduce the number of estate agent boards placed ‘randomly’ across the borough, and help promote Martin & Co Basingstoke in the local area.

Andrew Sheldon, a spokesperson from Martin & Co Basingstoke, said that many blocks of flats have multiple boards outside them for months or even years, which is “not nice for anyone to see”.

Sheldon commented: “The competition is meant to be a bit of fun because we could see residents have become increasingly frustrated and annoyed at the number of these boards placed where they do not even relate to the properties that are for sale.”

“It also looks terrible having all these boards where they should not be,” he added.

The competition winner will be announced on Monday 14th February, and will be given a £100 Amazon voucher.


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  1. vype200871

    And we all know who are the ones that are fly boarding in the town, Bridges!!!  Opened up last year and just blatantly stuck tons of fly boards up on road signs to nearly every close on a busy main road and nearly every block of flats around town and doubling up on the boards outside the house and then on the entrance to the road.

    I wrote to the council to complain but didnt even get a reply back from them.   It is a big town with lots of agents but we all play fair with the boards and always have done. Never had an issue with fly boarding in the past and since Bridges have done it now a couple more agents have followed suit and placed their own fly boards up.

    So even though it is a way of promoting this company possibly, i would say that they also had no luck when complaining to the council about Bridges blatant fly boarding. Healthy fair competing is fine but this is just typical for this agent and when they opened i thought they would do this and i was correct.

    Fair play to this company for taking some initiative, i only wish the local council had taken some action too as i cant be the only agent that has complained.


    1. A W

      Council’s are incentivised to let it happen as they can simply fine an agency for each board… there’s nothing in it for them to put a stop to it.

  2. #ImpressiveConveyancing

    Why are the Council not being the local authority of their area!?

    But competition is such a good idea.

    Flyboarding is actually quite fun to point out to people…..i.e ‘for sale’ boards where you cannot identify the property they are selling……look around your own town and see them…… in the agents who are desperate for work and need to essentially false advertise that they are selling lots, when the reality is they aren’t and they just need more work

  3. Robert_May

    Highway code?

    1. Estate Agent W1

      The articles on PIE have been badly researched and wrong on may levels Robert, me thinks it is the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisement) Regulations 2007.The Highway Code is for the use of road users not Estate Agents boards, but who cares when you are writing a story!!!

      1. Robert_May

        I thought it must have been a typo.


        reporting any breaches of  board regulations to the local planners is normally enough to ensure a quick phone call to offenders and resolve the problem permanently.

      2. PeeBee

        In fairness, EAW1, having read the identical wording in other trade press coverage, it would appear that the inaccuracy lies at the feet of the contributor of the Press Release, and not the one that cut’n’pasted the content here on EYE.

        Not having pointed out the glaring inaccuracy is, of course, another matter.  Safe to say it wouldn’t have got away unnoticed on Frau Renshaw’s watch…

  4. Woodentop

    The council are required to serve ‘an enforcement notice‘ on individulas or companies fly boarding. If they do not comply … court and stiff fines up to £20,000.  
    Normally a civil offence but ‘advertisements’ in breach can be construed as criminal offence. This has potential for far reaching penalties on any gains from the advertisement.


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