Estate agency turns to TikTok to sell and let homes

A south London estate agency has launched a new TikTok and Video social media strategy to help sell and let more properties.

Kalmar has invested in video marketing and have hired a social media consultant to create engaging content on Instagram and TikTok, as part of a wider bid to connect, more personally, with buyers and renters, particularly millennials.

Under the username @Kalmarsltd on Instagram and @SouthLondonProperty on TikTok, the agency says that it is already seeing the results to their content investment.

The company say that the two most recent reels posted by Kalmar have been viewed almost 1,400 times on Instagram and over 850 times on TikTok in just over a week.

Sebastian Kalmar

The first video published on Kalmar’s Instagram Reels and TikTok is a 15 second video touring Teulon House on Blackheath Road in Greenwich, which features 24 new build flats.

Sebastian Kalmar, director at Kalmar, commented: “We are passionate about reaching our customers in ways that are engaging and represent the high standard of South London properties we have available.

“We are excited about the future having taken on board a social media consultant and believe our investment in video and social content emphasises our commitment to showcase our properties in an authentic and relatable way; illustrating them not only by photos but capturing them from every angle using video and drone footage.”


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  1. AlwaysAnAgent

    With an average of 8 to 10 likes per post on Instagram their social media adviser needs to be given the boot.

    I haven’t heard of many agents using TikTok, hence the press release I suppose. Good idea if it works but it doesn’t seem to be working too well on Instagram.

    1. Happy Daze!

      They have a massive following….. 850…..

  2. A true

    Check out @letbydan on tiktok, 1.8 million views on his first tiktok video, 162,000 likes and 5094 comments…

  3. DASH94

    Don’t know if it’s just me but I have a deep dislike of agents using their personal social media to advertise their properties.   The company link is fine, but it aggravates me when an agent uses their own account.  JMHO


  4. BenHollis07

    We love the socials.  It has never been about selling or letting a specific property (although that does happen), it is more about brand awareness – becoming the viewers go to agent.
    Facebook and Instagram obviously. TikTok we are newer to but seems to have a similar effect. The thing to remember is each have their own democratic so your content has to be different on each to be relevant to them. (If you’re just linking posts from one to the other then you’ve missed the point)


  5. Andrew Stanton Proptech Real Estate Influencer

    Having promoted the use of TikTok – see The Times ‘Would you sell your house on TikTok? – 15th Jan 2021, in which I was quoted, ‘I encourage all estate agents to join TikTok, says the Proptech-PR founder Andrew Stanton, ‘Because if the younger generation use it as they grow then agents need to be in thay space. If you are not in that space you are dead’

    The point is not to post properties – rather post your personality and grow your and your company’s branding, TikTok is a dressed down version of Linkedin, it is the real you, and given most agents are extroverts it is a perfect showcase for them. It is not a property portal digitally listing inventory. 


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