Conservative Party Conference 2022: Reflections on panel debate about the PRS

Anti-landlord sentiment has pervaded the Conservative Party Conference across many of the main and fringe events, according to well-known property commentator Vanessa Warwick, who yesterday participated in a discussion.

The panelists (pictures) were, from left to right:

James Cartlidge, MP

Ben Beadle, NRLA CEO

Tim Patmore, Event host and Conservatives Landlord & Tenant Forum

Councillor David Renard, Swindon Borough Council and LGA member

Tilly Smith – Generation Rent

Vanessa Warwick

Warwick said: “Interestingly, James Cartlidge claimed to be behind measures to shrink the private rented sector, including Section 24 and increased stamp duty – ideas that were taken up.  However, he also claimed to have put forward that all BTL mortgages should be re-payment only.

“He was very much against “leverage” and suggested that landlords should not be able to use it to grow portfolios and that repayment mortgages would stop the growth of BTL.

“Mr. Cartlidge was proud of how his measures had curbed landlords.

“He was full of headlines about planning reform, building more social housing, and shared ownership, but was very light on the detail and timscales.

“Both Ben [Beadle] and I challenged some of his comments.”

Beadle and Warwick recorded this summary interview:

Homesearch EOS

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  1. KByfield04

    A bizarre stance without detailed and comprehensive plans to balance this. Grandstanding with dangerous consequences for the very tenants they are claiming to help. Supply will continue to shrink, crisis will deepen, rents will soar. The dangerous messaging atm around the sales market, this will drive more people into renting only deepening matters further. For these reasons and so many more housing HAS to be de-politicised, a tsar appointed a large & ring-fenced budget and a clear remit. We have to stop all parties from making clickbait policies and pledges to try and swing the renter vote their way.

  2. Will2

    I am sure he is very proud of his performance in reducing the supply of rental property to those who cannot afford to buy their home and driving up the rents to those who have to rent.  The conservative party is NOT the party for private business and enterprise as they attack small investors and support ONLY big business. I would respectfully point out many small investors look after their tenants and do not raise the rents every year.  Put the supply into the hands of large business’s as the conservative party want and one thing you can guarantee is annual rent rises to maximise their profits. So all the lovely tenants with good landlords be careful why you seek.

  3. Vanessa Warwick

    Thank you both for your comments, which I concur with.

    Unfortunately, the alternative, Labour, are even more anti-landlord according to Ben Beadle who also attended the Labour Party Conference.

    Landlords are therefore stuck between a rock and a hard place and many will exit because BTL will become financially unviable and not worth the many risks involved. 🙁


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