Connells rewards top achievers with all-expenses paid trip to Spain

More than 200 of Connells’ top achievers recently returned from a four day all-expenses paid trip to Valencia in Spain.

The company said the trip was designed to ‘recognise’ those individuals who have demonstrated ‘continued excellence’ in their role and generated ‘outstanding results’ for the company.

Valencia adds to the many locations those previous winners have enjoyed, including New York, Dubai and Barcelona.

“Our annual Top Achievers trips are always incredible, however being our first one in three years, this trip felt that much more special,” said David Plumtree, Connells Group Estate Agency chief executive. “It was amazing to see so many new and familiar faces, and to show our appreciation following our record-breaking year for the group in 2021. Those who attended these events qualified due to their consistent, outstanding performances which have helped us to achieve these excellent results.”

Connells recently hosted its Group Platinum Events to show its gratitude to more of its best performing colleagues.

Plumtree added: “As a company, we place a strong focus on recognising hard work and rewarding those who have gone the extra mile, and we look forward to rolling out these same benefits to our Countrywide colleagues over the next year.”




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  1. conoco9

    Furlough money well spent…looks like they even hired Pitbull to turn up on the front row.

  2. Neil Robinson

    We’re obviously a much small company than Connells but I did the same for my staff, with a trip to Palma last month.

    I set them a six month “Big Goals” target, made up of a series of smaller targets, and their engagement in making sure they achieved those goals, knowing there was a trip in it for them at the end if it, was absolutely phenomenal.

  3. janbyerss

    How much do they EARN

  4. CountryLass

    I see a woman I used to work with! Took me a while as she is ‘vertically challenged’ but I found her!


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