Changes to Right to Rent highlight the need for automation

Recent changes to Right to Rent, which have impacted on letting agents and landlords, have highlighted the increasing need for automation, according to Openview.

The cloud-based solution for the property industry, Powered by VTUK, says that automation allows other parts of businesses to be simplified, ensuring the smooth-running of companies when it comes to Right to Rent changes.

The UK government ended all restrictions imposed to diminish the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on 19 July, with the return of face-to-face Right to Rent checks for tenants set to resume soon.

Since the onset of the pandemic, landlords and letting agents have carried out Right to Rent checks by video call in accordance with government Covid-19 guidelines. At the end of August, the process is no longer set to take place by video call, while scanned or photographed documents will no longer be required either because these checks will be carried out face-to-face once more.

Despite being a temporary measure that was implemented to work around Covid-19 government guidelines, Openview is convinced that the changes to Right to Rent have highlighted the increasing need for automation.  

Peter Grant, chairman and chief executive at Openview, said: “The temporary video and online measure has been a success in the property industry. As far as we know, there were no breaches and many even prefer this method of conducting essential checks, proving the demand for simpler processes is there.”

He continued: “We suggest other areas of agency are automated to make business far simpler. If the mere introduction of video and scanned documents was this much of a success with Right to Rent checks, just think of all the different ways automation can improve the other areas of an agency business.”

The fines for non-compliance with Right to Rent can be severe. If checks set out in the code of practice have not been conducted, sanctions could be faced. These include a civil penalty of up to £3,000 per disqualified person and a criminal conviction.

Grant added: “Here at Openview we solely focus on software and great customer service, which is custom-built for the needs of agents and landlords. The reliance on one system that does exactly what it says on the tin and can be accessed wherever you have internet is all that is needed to be in control of your business. These video checks have given many a taste of how simple work could be.”

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  1. A W

    R2R is a joke that turns letting agents into border control.


    Not only that but the Court of Appeal has found that the Right to Rent scheme, causes racial discrimination – though it stopped short of saying that R2R breached human rights law. The matter was escalated to the Supreme Court.


    Basically, if you find out that your applicant / tenant does not have the R2R then you legally cannot let to them. However if you do not, then it could be considered discrimination which is also illegal… so have fun with that.


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