Boss who left high street agency after 21 years to launch own ‘hybrid’ business with the human touch

An agent who stepped away from a high profile local firm after 21 years is setting up a new business.

Stephen Grace, former managing director of the JNP Partnership in Buckinghamshire, is launching a new hybrid model.

Called Kingshill, it will operate from a business park address in High Wycombe, Bucks, servicing the town and surrounding area with local property experts.

Grace said: “I have taken the best of the online world and combined it with the traditional model.

“We have taken all the automated parts of online and brought them in to Kingshills.

“However nothing will get sent out without it being checked by a human.

“We have a traditional fee structure along with our 50/50 service which is pay half upfront and half on completion, which for a majority of our clients will be a cheaper option.”

The business will start with just sales, but there are plans to expand into lettings. Grace is also looking at commercial and removals.

He said: “I’m really excited about the launch and what the future holds. It was a huge decision for me to step away from my last role at JNP as I had lots of friends there.

“However I have had a burning desire to do this and decided to go for it.

“In the end it was a fairly easy decision as I love this industry and everything it has to offer.”

Boss of agency within LSL group decides to step down after 21 years with company

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  1. Property Pundit

    Slow news day.

    1. Lil Bandit

      As someone who is “self emomployed” I would have thought that you would have commended this. Stephen is trying to do something different and start a business during hard economic times. How about you be supportive rather than just being so bitter at the world?

      1. Gracie

        Thanks Lil Bandit.

        I haven’t had chance to read this up til now as I have been busy with speaking to clients, thanks for the kind words, have a great weekend.

        @propertyPundit, despite your comment I also hope you have a great weekend, I hope you are busy enough not to wait for interesting news to fill your day.


        much love



      2. Property Pundit

        Sorry, can’t commend any business that takes even a part of their fee up-front. Terrible to have principles, eh?

  2. NotAdoctor32

    Stephen is a great estate agent and will be a huge success.  I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with him and he very much understands how to sell property and deal with buyers and sellers.

    1. Gracie

      Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.  

  3. MH -RM

    I shall watch on and wish you all the best Steve … it’s easy to condemn any up front element, but I defy anyone who deny that it could have boosted the cash flow in the troubled times of the last few years as the online boys pick at the bones of average or poor agents … good luck to you Steve … as you say, introducing the best bits out of the online ordering, then add in style, professionalism and local knowledge (a “real” local expert) not just a self employed man/woman in a c200 on finance for an office and you never know … us old school agents may need to see what happens here and maybe … just maybe go back into the classroom … All the best.. Mark Harris . Ramsey Moore.

    1. Gracie

      Thanks Mark,  its all about convenience and choice to the consumer, i have given them choice by offering two payment options, totally their choice, staff members are paid the same regardless of service, they are also paid on completion.  the convenience is the tech i’m using and is all about making sure we contact the client how they want to be contacted, phone, letter, email or however they want.  My first two valuations could’t have been more different, first one was a young family and loved the tech, the 2nd was a lady that doesn’t have an email address, therefore the ipad stayed in the bag and we just chatted.  both will come on with me.


      thanks for the kind words of support,  all the very best to you too.




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