Agents to benefit from major investment in Alto, says Zoopla

Alto has developed several new and improved features that are likely to prove popular with agents, according to Zoopla, which acquired the cloud-based software for agents in 2016.

The latest enhancements include a speedier reporting system, which provides up to the minute data about business performance, as well as analysis on under-offer properties.

Zoopla reports that there have also been significant improvements to the software’s email templating system, giving customers full creative control over the look and feel of emails, and enabling them to create templates for everyday email interactions and drive efficiencies.

Alto has also integrated with SmartSearch, a major AML check provider that can streamline the process for agents, enabling them to meet thier legal requirements.

Further integrations will be enabled by ongoing investment in Alto’s new API, which can be used by both customers and partners to further improve workflows.

Andy Marshall, Zoopla chief commercial officer, commented: “When we launched our vision earlier this year, we outlined our goal of combining our unique market position and data-led intelligence to put agents firmly in control, as well as a significant investment to improve our offering.

“From a software perspective, we’ve reached a milestone in this journey with Alto now delivering more value than ever before to our customers. We’re looking forward to building on this strong foundation and delivering even more innovation before the end of the year.”


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  1. LongInTheTooth75

    Shame that they dont spend some money updating Expert Agent. Absolutely no innovation here since Mike left!!

    1. aSalesAgent

      Same goes for Jupix. Bought up by ZPL, then left to rot.

  2. A W

    Alto looks pretty… but is only built for the front office. Its really not good at anything else (yes, I’m using it and even Jupix is better).

    There are better CRM’s out there for everything other than use in a front office.

    1. LongInTheTooth75

      Problem with CRM`s is you are handcuffed to them. I switched from Jupix about 9 years ago to Expert Agent, moving everything over was a nightmare and I had to sacrifice losing some historical data.


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