Zoopla says it is sending agents 36% more leads than a year ago

There was a spike in valuation leads of 36% last month, Zoopla has claimed.

The rise, measured year on year, was described as “evidence that Zoopla’s refreshed strategy, following Silver Lake’s £2.2bn investment, is taking hold and yielding results”.

Zoopla described January as a “hugely successful” month, with 55.3m site visits to its property portals – compared with an average of 50m per month throughout last year. Last January, Zoopla reported 58m visits to its  property websites.

Zoopla said it has recently increased its marketing spend, product innovation and enhancements to the consumer experience.

Zoopla said that it has invested more than any other portal over the last five years, and has 94% prompted brand awareness – ahead of Rightmove and OnTheMarket.

The portal also said that the removal of non-property related adverts from its listing detail pages had resulted in 30% faster page speed times.

This has resulted in a 9% uplift in listing page leads to agents, improving “the consumer experience” and bringing greater attention to agents’ brands and properties.

Charlie Bryant, managing director of Zoopla, said: “We continue to outspend others to promote our customers’ listings and are focused on converting our sizeable traffic volume into high quality leads for our customers.

“This is just the start. We are gaining traction for our agent partners and will continue to innovate and invest throughout 2019.”

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  1. NewsBoy

    “This is just the start”???  Is that not about 10 years late. Horse and bolted door comes to mind! This looks like a very flimsy press release compared to the real headlines from OTM.

    1. Robert May

      In a logical world Zoopla and OTM should have been best buddies, because of historical events (how Zoopla  was built up by acquisition)  there was (I.M.O) an unnecessary, competitive rivalry and quite a lot of public tough talk to and fro.

      With the  changes at ZPG  in the last 6 months it ought to be possible for the relationship  between ZPG and OTM to be re-visited to see if their mutual objective can be achieved or made easier


      1. HJ12

        This wouldn’t work – Zoopla did this with FAP and Primelocation back in 2012 – a supposed ‘merger’. FAP was gone in 6 months even though we were still paying for both portals at the time. Our invoices were simply merged together even though we had lost our main portal. Also my personal opinion is Zoopla’s long term goal is to go direct to consumer.

        1. Robert May

          I am not suggesting a merger between the two,  just a  competitive  understanding of a common goal for the good of a mutual customer base

  2. ArthurHouse02

    The normal “Valuation lead” from Zoopla contains the words “Just Curious” which is a preset option on their form. Most if not all of these enquiries never reply to email or phone calls and those you get hold of do not want a valuation.

    As much as those here do not want to here it, the best valuation leads come from Rightmove

  3. GeorgeHammond78

    Haven’t used Z for years, is the quality of the leads just as poor as ever they were? if so, they do very much have something in common with OTM


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