Zoopla reveals surge in agency membership as over 2,250 branches join

Zoopla has revealed that over 2,250 branches joined it last year.

Major wins included Carter Jonas, Dacre, Son & Hartley, and Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward.

In a round-up of its achievements for last year, Zoopla said that last year average monthly traffic rose to 58m, with total sessions up 19% compared with 2018.

Over 1.4m people downloaded the Zoopla mobile app which was revamped last August.

There was also a rise in applicant leads to agents, up 18%, with a 41% rise in valuation leads.

Zoopla also refers to a number of new senior hires, and the refocus of its marketing efforts in the coming year, which will result in a 25% increase in marketing spend.

CEO Charlie Bryant said: “2019 was the year of infrastructure where we built the solid foundations necessary for us to reach our goal of re-imagining intelligent home decisions for all.

“With this now in place, 2020 promises to be a year of growth for Zoopla, as we strive for even greater levels of service and customer support.

“We want to be the portal of choice for agents and consumers, but to achieve this we needed to invest in the areas that matter.

“Top of the list was innovation, which is why we’ve put significant resources into developing an industry-leading pipeline of exciting new technology and products, underpinned by a team of experts.

“This renewed focus has led to an increase in sales and valuation leads. This, combined with a pledge of no across-the-board real price increases and a focus on delivering value for agents, means you can see why more agents than ever before are choosing Zoopla.”


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  1. Jrsteeve

    Ditched rm for them this month, saving £2k per month and so far so good. Fully expect the same sort of treatment, ‘account reviews’, but will see how it pans out. Receiving the exact same number of enquiries if not slightly more.

    Zoopla aren’t thought to be quite as well known where I am, Manchester, but so far it’s shown I really didn’t need rm.

  2. Homestead38

    A number that will no doubt increase as the 1300 or so gold members that didn’t sign up to the new OTM deal decide it’s time to head back to Zoopla at the end of this quarter

    1. kingsroad

      It’s the end of January isn’t it?

  3. Ryan Baker

    They need not follow the footsteps of RM now. Once more agents are on board, they start bullying into increasing prices as they try to justify extra leads. Common sense if you manage to get more agents your revenue will automatically increase. When OTM started off free listings Z came to its knees and would be begging to get everyone back at the lowest prices. Received an email last week that as they provided more leads so they’re increasing the prices … like ‍♂️….. then in a few years they will start justifying more increase in monthly subscription on basis of more leads… same as RM…. if RM brought their prices in the region of £500 PCM they would eventually make more money as more would sign up. The irony is that the bigger firms get special rates which could be half the price of what a small independent has to pay. £1500 for us now PCM. Off RM now till they sort there attitudes and brains out. Portal subscription is now equivalent to almost an employees PCM salary. In tough times at these such as the tenant fee ban,  many of us are forced to think it’s either RM or an extra employee….why can’t RM give a per property fee? They would increase their revenue by roping in the smaller agents who have less stock..

    1. Property Pundit

      What would you consider fair for a ‘per property fee’? Someone on here worked out, on average, it was £200. Another poster worked out it cost them £500 per property. What about a monthly per property fee (not that they would have the slightest inclination to launch this)?

  4. kingsroad

    Doesn’t actually say how much their membership has increased. Presumably Agents have left too.  

  5. PeeBee

    “In a round-up of its achievements for last year, Zoopla said that last year average monthly traffic rose to 58m…”

    Ironically, Zoopla this afternoon ReTweeted a comment from someone who was openly admitting she didn’t have the wherewithal to buy the £1m properties that she was viewing on the site.

    Proof that the above is simply numbers for numbers sake, I’m afraid.

    Traffic is billshut.  Best part of 1000 ‘site visits’ per completed sale.

    It’s a bit like telling your vendor how many people passed your window – whether on foot or in a car – and expecting them to be impressed.


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