Zoopla defends 9% year-on-year increase in listings claim despite evidence of a drop

Zoopla has defended its claim that its listings have gone up by 9% year on year.

Zoopla has used the figure in a press announcement this week.

However on Wednesday,  Zoopla’s website showed 566,135 sales listings and 227,011 lettings properties.

That compares with more listings almost a year ago, on July 3, shown in a screengrab taken at the time.

These showed 580,860 sales and 241,390 lettings – suggesting that in the last 11 months, listings have reduced and not increased.

A spokesperson for Zoopla told us: “Listings have increased by 9% year on year on Zoopla.

“This was calculated by comparing the total listings from a rolling 12 month on 12 month period, using data from 2018 and 2019 to reach our conclusion. This is the most accurate way to give a true indication of annual listing trends.”

Below, a screengrab from last July 3 appears to show more properties listed then than are listed now on Zoopla

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One Comment

  1. Bless You

    Zoopla need a big kick up the assss .


    i just had an email asking me to see if my house value has gone up…. i click it….  its a massive YOPA PAYANYWAY scum advert.

    Have a word Zoopla you rats.


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