Zoopla claims to offer faster listings search on mobiles than any of top portals

Zoopla has the fastest listings search on mobile devices of any of the top portals, it said this morning.

Zoopla also said that it is offering agents more leads from its mobile website – a 16% uplift in sales leads and a 10% rise in lettings leads.

The portal said that the results follow a multi-million pound investment in technology.

As part of the investment, Zoopla removed all adverts from its mobile web platform, which it says has helped improve user experience.

David Wascha, chief product and technology officer at Zoopla, said: “We put the customer at the heart of everything we do, so investment in our web platform is a key priority.

“In the past quarter, we have delivered double digit increases in sales and lettings leads and the fastest page speeds on mobile devices, both of which directly increase value for money for agents.”


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  1. Bless You

    All zoopla have to do is ban purplebricks and new homes (costing agents millions in fees) and get the agents together to leave onthemarket and rightmove.
    There are a lot of fearful estate agents out there but what have they got to lose.?
    Can anyone advise: is it legal to ban payanyway agents from a portal. 

    1. Property Person

      Morning Bless You.

      Glad you were able to keep your job at Zoopla Group after the recent culling by your new American bosses.  Zoopla is owned by venture capitalists with the goal of flipping the company via an IPO or sale in roughly 3 years (or less).

      This will probably be followed by another staff shift, disruption for its customers, and yet another “reinventing”, “re-imagining” period.  It is that simple.

      No one is buying this “We are the friend of the agents” PR nonsense. Personally, I think your bosses should reconsider your role.  It has passed its sell-by date.


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