Zoopla claims new CRM tool increases audience sizes by 350%

Zoopla has unveiled Audience Builder, a new CRM tool, developed in-house, which the portal says is set to revolutionise its customer campaigns, driving greater engagement with high-intent buyer and seller audiences.

Initially rolling out for new homes developments, the tool will be available to agents in the future.

The company says that rigorous tests showed that Audience Builder extends audience sizes by 350% compared to previous methods of CRM outreach.

This results in up to four times as many visits to new development websites and provides a 20% boost in campaign RoI for Zoopla’s customers.

Initially available in combination with Zoopla’s email campaign services for local, regional and national campaigns, Audience Builder will eventually extend to reach consumers across multiple touchpoints, to benefit estate agents as well as new homes builders.

By using a specially designed algorithm that exclusively selects consumers most likely to respond to a campaign message, Audience Builder is able to make a smart assessment of consumer intent, derived from hundreds of data signals captured across portal interactions.

Furthermore, the algorithm harnesses geographic and behavioural data to enhance its optimisation over time.

Ultimately, all Zoopla customers will be able to design their own digital marketing campaigns, tailored and personalised to reach high-intent, in-market consumers, on-portal and off-portal, via digital and social platforms, via email, and via the app – all through one seamless approach.

Commenting on the launch of Audience Builder, Andy Marshall, Chief Commercial Officer, Zoopla, said:

“Audience Builder is a big win for Zoopla and our customers. In the difficult post-lockdown period we recognise how hard our partners are working, and we wanted to support the market recovery by boosting access for our customers to our most engaged audiences, providing critical additional reach to drive market demand.”

Dan Martins, Director of Product Management, Zoopla, added:

“The launch of Zoopla Audience Builder is the next step towards our 360 degree digital marketing vision, designed to help customers reach and retarget the Zoopla audience effectively, wherever they are, delivering real business value to our customers. The algorithm is underscored by leading market intelligence to deliver best in class performance.

“This is an evolving tool and we look forward to sharing many more audience enhancements in the upcoming months and years.”

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  1. Slinky

    If these leads are likely to interact then your just stealing them from another agent paying a subscription and charging again for contact .Just recycling leads from the top of the funnel

  2. WhereIsTheMoniiMoney

    Other snake oil is available…

    Lots of claims but no specific evidence.  Probably one for ASA to look at!

  3. Property Pundit

    Who’s read this guff and immediately thought; ‘Yes, I must go out and subscribe to this’. Anyone?

  4. smile please

    So as an industry are we looking to totally automate the process and stop speaking to people altogether?


    CRM plays a part but it will never replace staff on a phone building relationships and discovering opportunities.

    1. WhereIsTheMoniiMoney

      Or have more time to have a more meaningful conversation?

      From the very first portrayal of robots and technology the promise was of more time for what really matters.

      Automating the routine and mundane to have time to really connect with people is not a bad objective.

      The challenge has always been that the leaders of PropTech have rarely been at the coal face of estate agency.  Their assumptions around what agents want is blurred by wanting technical excellence.

    2. jan - byers

      Ah there are many people who want exactly this

      They are obsessed with screens and do not understand selling

      Particularly true of those aged 35 or less sadly who have spent their lives looking at a phone or pc or tablet


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