Young entrepreneur opens two new estate agency offices

A 23-year-old entrepreneur has opened two new estate agency offices in Loughborough and Groby.

This ambitious move reflects Rebecca Holders’s commitment to providing estate agency services to the community while fostering economic growth in the region.

Having grown up in the area, Holder believes that she is well-positioned to cater to homeowners in Loughborough and Groby.

The company says the new offices are strategically located in key areas, aiming to offer a comprehensive service to their clients.

The Loughborough office, located in a prime location within the town centre, will serve as a hub for buyers and sellers seeking properties in the area. Meanwhile, the Groby office will cater to the growing demand for real property in this picturesque village.

Holder commented: “I am thrilled to be expanding my estate agency business and opening these two new offices.

“Having grown up in this area, I am passionate about providing exceptional service to my fellow residents. I believe that by offering a personalised and customer-centric approach, we can help individuals and families find their dream homes and contribute to the growth of our community.”



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  1. Bryan Mansell

    Good luck to you, great to see the next gen of agents working for their local community

    1. jan-byers

      She is not working for her “local community” she is working to make a living for herself

      1. KByfield04

        Jan- give us all the Xmas present we really want and take your negative toxic nonsense somewhere else! 2024 would be a much happier place without your comments in it.

      2. Diogenes

        I sincerely wish you a Happy Christmas, but in the meantime, please go away and stop with the didactic negativity. No one cares.

  2. Woodentop

    Wishing you well, you have started on an adventure of a lifetime servicing your local community. Times can be tough but overall very rewarding profession. Dedication and professional standards trumps every time. You are exactly what your local community wants.

  3. KByfield04

    Brilliant initiative from a 23 year old- having started base at 24, genuinely wishing her all the best of luck!


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