Battle of the self-employed model, as rival estate agents go head-to-head

This week’s Agents MVMT podcast, ‘Pass the Syrup’, presented by Ben Madden, features Steph Walker of The Agency UK, Chris Buckler of The Estate Agency, Alex Pelosi-Buchanan of eXp UK.

In this week’s Christmas special the guests get stuck into only the most important things to consider at this time of year, including Christmas dinner, the Rightmove Boxing Day marketing extravaganza, and the reason so many agents are closed on such a ‘busy’ day of the year.

Oh and of course, with three such high-quality self-employed agents on the podcast, there was always going to be some heated debate about which model those thinking of going self-employed should be making contact with.

As always, funny stories are shared along with contributions from Sam Offley of Agents Together, and Chris Watkins make his regular appearance.

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  1. Grumpyagent

    Being self employed isn’t as good as everyone makes out!! Yes when the moneys good it good, but when it’s bad it’s awful

    1. jan-byers

      Same as any Agent job
      No one can live on an agents basic

      1. Grumpyagent

        If your only living on your basic, you might as well leave your job as your not doing your agency or yourself any favours


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