Woman estate agent found guilty in gang’s mortgage scam

A woman estate agent was among a gang of four involved in a massive mortgage scam involving nearly three dozen properties and almost £5m.

The four, who operated across Swansea and south-west Wales, stole and invented identities, set up dozens of different bank accounts, falsified documents such as pay slips, and set up fake companies.

They also had software used by banks to calculate how much to lend based on income.

Mark Cainen, Paul John, ring leader Ben Pickering and estate agent Emma Davey, of Carmarthen, are facing jail sentences.

The three men had all admitted a series of charges relating to conspiracy to admit fraud.

Davey had denied a number of identical counts, but was found guilty after a trial at Swansea Crown Court.

The court heard that at the start of the scam, the gang made money while the property market boomed. When it crashed, they defaulted on mortgage loans, but when the banks later auctioned off the properties, they bought back the properties for lower prices.

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  1. GregAgent

    Now, I'm no anti-feminist, however I do feel that the heading of this article is strange and for some reason it highlights the fact that it is a woman estate agent when I see no reason to differentiate. Maybe Rosalind had something else in mind but I cannot see a reason for it. Rosalind, please comment to clarify that there is a reason behind this!

    1. AlanBarnet

      I don't think that Rosalind meant it to be sexist, just pointing out that it is another person.

  2. Adi

    And to think, A WOMAN!!!!

  3. Hound

    Well they can go to war, and be Bishops now, what on earth will the let them do next 😉

    1. GregAgent

      and vote remember 😉 I just don't understand this article. Looks like a slow news day at PIE.


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