What’s happening to house prices, transactions and listings?

Chris Watkin’s special guest this week on the UK Property Market Stats Show is Bryan Mansell, ex Countrywide London & South of England director and existing boss of Gazeal.

Unlike the Land Registry, Halifa and Nationwide indexes, which is already three to eight months out of date, this show focusses on real time property market stats from last week (Week ending Sunday, 14th May 2023).

The idea is to provide estate agents – and anybody else with an interest in property – with information regarding what is happening in the housing market – both nationally and regionally.


Summary of this week’s data:

Listings: 30,773 (down 3.1% from last week listings). The 2023 running weekly average is 31,770.

Average listing price: £456,800. The 2023 running weekly average is £428,300

Price reductions: 18,28, up 4.6% from last week price reductions. The 2023 running weekly average is 17,668.

Average asking price of properties being reduced: £406,700. The 2023 running weekly average is £402,000.

Gross sales: 20,934, down 6.4% from last week’s gross sales). The 2023 running weekly average is 21,653.

Average asking price of properties Sold stc: £368,400. The 2023 running weekly average is £355,250.

Important heads up: The average listing price stood at 456,000. Yet, average sales price was £368,000 – that is a 23.9% gap.

Fall throughs: 4,506, down 4.6 % from last week sale fall throughs. The 2023 running weekly average is 4,924.

Percentage of sales fall throughs to gross sales: 21.52% The 2023 running weekly average is 23.81%.

Regional stats for all these metrics are shown in the Show, while during the final 15 minutes of the programme, there is a specific focus on a particular location – this time its on Blackpool.





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  1. Chris Watkin

    Some extra stats for you on Gross Sales as % of Listings…
    INNER LONDON 45.73%
    OUTER LONDON 56.71%
    SOUTH EAST 63.69%
    SOUTH WEST 70.39%
    EAST OF ENGLAND 60.02%
    EAST MIDLANDS 63.50%
    WEST MIDLANDS 72.88%
    NORTH EAST 68.85%
    NORTH WEST 76.57%
    WALES 76.12%
    SCOTLAND 88.42%

  2. Chris Watkin

    Important Stat – % Sales that fell thru for the week ..
    INNER LONDON 22.96%
    OUTER LONDON 25.84%
    SOUTH EAST 21.83%
    SOUTH WEST 19.54%
    EAST OF ENGLAND 24.08%
    EAST MIDLANDS 22.18%
    WEST MIDLANDS 22.74%
    NORTH EAST 20.79%
    NORTH WEST 23.92%
    WALES 25.49%
    SCOTLAND 11.34%

  3. Chris Watkin

    Inner London new instructions 2662
    Inner London new Instruction Asking Price £995,578
    Inner London price units changed 1503pw
    Inner London price changed  £852,362
    Inner London SSTC 1296pw
    Inner London SSTC  £806,560
    Inner London fallen through 303 pw Net sales 993.1052632
    Gross Sales as % of Listings 48.27%
    % Sales that fell thru 24.75%
    Price Changes as % of Listings 56.73% 
    Net Sales as % listing 36.69% % Difference between Listing and Sale Price 23.75%


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