What the Dickens … the estate agent’s Christmas Carol

Here’s a twist on a festive favourite – the estate agent’s Christmas Carol.

Chris Guide, of Allan Morris & Guise in Kidderminster, tells the heartwarming story of how a seller called Scrooge had been trying to sell his house through a tenacious agent called Bob at Cratchit and Co.

“Scrooge had been trying to sell his house all year – but to no effect. He was fed up with cold winters and longed to move to Spain where he had found a villa at a knockdown price being sold by a motivated seller.

“Now it was Christmas again and there was still no sign of a buyer for his own house. Scrooge hated Christmas.”

Apparently Scrooge, too mean to make his home look welcoming, was very grudging over allowing viewings, and treated the few offers he received with derision.

“That night Scrooge had three disturbing dreams. The first vividly showed him what life had been like before he had become so mean and his wife had left him.

“The second dream showed Christmas dinner at his estate agent’s house. It was a jovial family affair with Bob, his wife and their small son, Tim, all enjoying themselves.

“The third dream showed Scrooge’s grave. He had died an embittered old man who had never sold his house or moved to sunny Spain.

“Waking up in his bed Scrooge realised that it wasn’t too late. He raced round the house putting lights on and setting the fire ablaze in the living room. He then rushed down to see Bob at Cratchit & Co and told him to reduce the price immediately and to tell everyone that he would heartily entertain any reasonable offers. Scrooge even told Bob that he would increase the commission if the house was sold quickly.”

Like all good stories, this one has a happy ending and a moral: Scrooge sold his house and moved to Spain where he enjoyed many years in the sun, and from where he always sent Bob a Christmas card.

And the moral? Sellers should be as accommodating with potential buyers as possible and always try and find an estate agent like Bob.

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  1. Mark Walker

    That’s utterly insulting to your customers.

  2. letmeout

    He did not reduce the price or accommodate viewings and consider offers, so he died!

    Possibly worthwhile considering an agent who gave the best advise at the time of winning the instruction??

    Happy Christmas

  3. Clarkuk

    So the only reason he sold his house was that he reduced it??? and not only that he was guided into doing so by a DREAM.  Sounds like the agent was to blame here anyway.


    Reduce your house or it won’t sell is not the Xmas message we want to be sending.

    I bet the agent never thought to arrive 15 mins early and spend the time doing a bit of reorganising. hmmmm!

  4. agent orange

    oh come on – Seriously??? You people are actually criticising a spoof story written for a bit of fun???



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