Well-established estate agency completes acquisition amid diversification strategy

Jon Quinn (right) with David Owen

A well-known estate agency in Shropshire has completed the purchase of a planning and design business in Whitchurch.

Halls, an independent firm of estate agents, chartered surveyors, auctioneers and valuers, has announced the acquisition of Shenton Owen Planning and Design.

The business has been bought to support Halls’ efforts to grow its planning and development department.

David Owen, managing director of Shenton, will add valuable experience to the existing planning and development team at Halls’ head office at Battlefield, Shrewsbury.

Halls’ managing director, Jon Quinn, commneted: “To grow our planning and development department we need the expertise of the best people in the business and David Owen certainly fits the bill.

“I have known David for around 20 years and his vast experience will be invaluable to our expanding team which will provide him with the back-up and support he needs.

“David joins as a consultant and will work closely with Paul Watson, our senior planning consultant, and the rest of the team.

“We have identified a number of areas where the public could be better served by a dynamic and forward-thinking planning department and the acquisition of Shenton Owen will allow Halls to become the go-to firm for any such enquiries.

“We pride ourselves in having a sustainable approach to our business, which all hinges on providing our clients with honest advice specific to their best interests.”

Halls, who has run his own businesses since 1988, said: “Selling my business was an easy decision because Halls is such a widely respected name and it provides continuity for my clients.

“I have worked in the trade for many years and Halls has always had a high standing in the region. I shall still be working as a consultant for Halls and will have their team behind me as we grow the department and attract even more, good quality people to join the team.”



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  1. Bless You

    Did this always happen or did useless information become a thing?

  2. jan-byers

    Most articles here are irrelavant

    1. Retiredandrelaxed

      Why are you here, if you really think that?

      What with this and your disrespectul comment re Adam Thompson on the story re his death, one might think that you got our of bed on the wrong side this morning.

      I hope the rest of your day goes better

      1. jan-byers

        I look out of interest when I have a few moments.
        I was not disrespectful ansd i feel for the fellow and his family and friends.
        I just do not happen to believe that anyone bumps into other departed people when they die.
        We live we die the end.

        1. Diogenes

          No one cares what you think. You are just horrid. Let people seek comfort in their beliefs. You don’t have to agree. Hopefully PIE will ban you soon.

        2. htsnom79

          ” We live, we die, the end ” Thank you, oracle.

          Whether God(S) fearing or God(S)less, I highly recommend concentrating on the bit between birth and death. Be Nice while you are here, be humble, its not all about you sweetcheeks.

  3. Property Ear

    How about the lady sets up her own daily blog – obviously very learned and articulate – sure to be a winner!

    1. jan-byers

      Have been a sucessful agents now a very profitable housebuilder.
      I am doing fine thanks 🙂


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