Very few want to help former Emoov employees facing difficult Christmas

Just £55 had been raised by the end of yesterday in a crowdfunding bid to help former staff of the collapsed Emoov.

The campaign aims to raise £550,000 for employees described as wondering how to put food on their table.

There have been just four donations in the last two days.


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  1. Hillofwad71

    Well hope they find employment soon.No disrespect to Amy Matthewman but her linkedin  profile does indicates she is a bit of a flibberty  gibbert  easily enticed to pastures green.


    She only left Bricks in March and managed to squeeze in another post before Emoov

    Regional Territory – North East & West UK
    Company NameEmoov

    Dates EmployedJul 2018 – Dec 2018
    Employment Duration   6 mos


    Sales & Lettings

    Regional Consultant North East – Residential Sales & Lettings
    Company NameExpress Estate Agency

    Dates EmployedApr 2018 – Jul 2018   
    Employment Duration 4 mos

    LocationNorth East England

    Sales & Lettings

    Territory Owner Sales & Lettings North East (Teesside)
    Company NamePurplebricks Group PLC

    Dates EmployedJun 2016 – Mar 2018
    Employment Duration1 yr   0 mos

    Sales & Lettings






  2. JVSOZ

    Yes, as sorry as I feel for them, they were championing something that’s sole mission was to disrupt other peoples income.

    1. mrtickle

      To be honest, that isn’t an excuse to deny someone some charity.


      Every new business that ever opens wants to take revenue away from its competition.


      I do not personally agree with the gofundme, and I won’t be donating to it.


      But you can’t say the ex-employees don’t deserve charity at Christmas because of some kind of moral retribution for just for turning up to a job that impacted other peoples’ incomes.


      The people at the bottom aren’t the ones responsible for Emoov or the idea of “disruption”… yet they’re the ones who stand to lose the most.

      1. WestMidsValuer97

        Absolute rubbish.

        The market is big enough for all to play a part. Market disruptors like Emoov deserve everything they get.

        It was a joke that they drove fees down so low and basically made High Street Agents out to be con artists.

        ****** them…they’ve made the industry difficult to work in and problematic in so many ways.

        PB is the next one to go and then hopefully we can get the market back on track.

        The people at the bottom are very much the problem, supporting a change in the industry that was not needed. This has been proved by the sheer number of failures.

        Granted, these are still people who have been misled and shouldn’t suffer but we have to remember that these are the people who were happy to rubbish the High Street agent and effectively cause the same damage to thousands who have gone out of business and lost jobs. They haven’t come cap in hand though have they!?

  3. Jonathan.Welford

    Well… the people who could have helped were having to wrangle proper fees from vendors who were enticed away with the cheap ‘Arthur Daley’ style fees.  So they damaged the incomes of those that could have helped.

    I do hope they get new jobs, good agents will always walk from one firm and into another.


    1. surrey1

      They generally wouldn’t have walked into Emoov, PB or any of the ilk in the first place I would suggest.

  4. charlie8888974

    There’s a surprise, pleading for help from the very people whos income they planned to destroy. Perhaps they should have thought about it before joining a failing business model that has never made a penny.   Weak agents, perhaps they should leave the industry now the dream has turned into a nghtmare. 

    1. mrtickle

      The gofundme isn’t aimed at agents to donate, it is for everyone to donate… and “everyone” includes “agents”.
      It just happens to have been picked up by EYE, which is read mostly by agents.
      They’re not begging the people they “stole” from… they’re begging everyone!

      1. jeremy1960

        Kind of proved that nobody including agents cares about bottom feeders!

  5. Woodentop

    Empathy yes, sympathy no.

  6. CountryLass

    I have a question. Where did they get the target of £550,000 from? And how many staff is it to go between? Is it the same amount for everyone, or the full salary for the ones at the top then what’s left for the rest?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been out of a job just before Christmas, and it royally sucks. I feel bad for them, but I’m not donating to something that has no clear information on how it will be spent.


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