TV personality to host first ever allAgents Awards

Amanda Lamb
Amanda Lamb has announced that TV presenter Amanda Lamb will be the celebrity guest hosting the first ever allAgents Annual Customer Experience Awards ceremony, which takes place in Leeds next month.

Lamb, best known for presenting A Place in the Sun on Channel 4, will host the awards ceremony on 12 November at the newly refurbished Queens Hotel in Leeds.

Lamb said: “Coming from an estate agency background I know and appreciate just how important customer reviews are in this competitive industry and what receiving recognition from the industry’s very own ‘trip adviser’ will mean to the agencies.

“I’m very much looking forward to meeting everyone on the night. It is sure to be a wonderful evening and a fantastic celebration for all attending.”

The event, which will form both an online and physical awards ceremony, is expected to prove popular with agents.

Martin Mckenzie, director of business development at allAgents, commented: “We at allAgents are honoured to announce that the much admired and industry celebrated Amanda Lamb will be joining us at the Queens Hotel in Leeds on Friday 12th November for what is undoubtedly going to be a wonderful evening celebrating all things property!

“With Amanda’s vast wealth of knowledge within today’s fast moving property industry she can relate to the importance of the awards ceremony and of the hard work and effort of the people behind these nominations.”

To book your tickets for the 2021 allAgents customer experience awards, click here.


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  1. ashleyB64

    All agents, when they started out, used to run banners saying, in bold type and flashing letters, xxxxx is not a transparent agent, which, the first time you saw them, was both terrifying and mortifying

    They ran these banners for every agency that had not paid them a fee.

    There was no way of being listed as a Transparent Agent without giving them a fee.

    Clearly fraudulent reviews could be removed, but only if you were a Transparent Agent

    But you could only be a Transparent Agent you paid them a fee.

    From memory, the contact address was a PO Box in Glasgow, and no telephone number. No Transparency there, then

    it’s obviously not my place to cast aspersions on their business model, let alone their honesty, but I wouldn’t and won’t ever EVER EVER allow anyone in my business to engage with all agents

    1. PeeBee


      The archives of EYE and EAT are stuffed to the gunnels with articles relating to this company going back over a decade – and the vast majority do not even approach being complimentary.

      There will be two ourcomes of this ‘event’.

      Ms Lamb will collect a fee for her appearance and move on to the next deal pushed in front of her.

      AllAgents will get a few more column inches in the trade press and continue to do what it has now carved a niche for itself.

      End of.


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