Training on tenancy deposits now offered free for agents

A new training course on the principles of tenancy deposits is being offered to letting agents and their staff.

The course has been put together by the Deposit Protection Service and the National Approved Letting Scheme.

Deposit Disputes, which is available to download free, describes the key documents agents and landlords should provide tenants, and explains the key criteria taken into account by adjudicators when deciding to award a claim, such as fair wear and tear, unfair terms and betterment.

Those who successfully complete the course get an e-certificate which can be put towards CPD accreditation.


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  1. DASH94

    The DPS would do well to get their own house in order first.  I’ve just waited 5 months for an arbitration decision – with no updates from them at all during the process.

    Their new website is shockingly uninformative and the ‘simplified’ returns process is baffling to most tenants.



    1. Wanderer

      I agree, they are an absolute shower! Having recently been initiated into the world of the DPS I’ve already come up against a number of issues that just don’t exist with the TDS, I question whether the DPS is even fit for purpose.

      1. DASH94

        The website definitely isn’t.

        In fairness the agent accounts team personnel are very helpful, but the site itself is dreadful.   There are no dates shown for any actions that are taken in regard to a deposit and once a deposit or part thereof is put into dispute – which is the only action available if the tenant and agent don’t agree, there is no facility to change anything for any negotiated amendments.

        There is also no facility for  tenants that have no email or mobile phone (some elderly tenants don’t) nor for tenancies who’s start date precedes 2011.

        Ah well – rant over.  🙂

  2. Mejortorrent

    when you begin to market, where do you start? You know you don’t want to compete with some of the large companies on the Net.

  3. Streamcomplet

    Well I imagine you’d say no. I wouldn’t blame you, its hardly a fair deal. Arbitraguers do this all day long. But this is the difference.


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